Are you a ploye-eater?

There are many people who eat pancakes, tortillas, crepes, and shortcake. But there is only one advanced society deep in the woods of northern Maine where you can eat "ployes."

Can you outrun a charging moose? Do you have the endurance to pick enough framboises to make two pies? Or are you just a Yankee? (those people from way down south near Augusta and Portland). Take this quiz to see if you are a true ploye-eater.

Created by: John F.

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  1. at which meal are ployes eaten
  2. which was memere's best pie?
  3. which is the most dangerous animal in the Maine woods?
  4. when are ployes eaten?
  5. Which car handles best in the snow?
  6. Which is the furthest distance?
  7. lost in the Maine woods in the spring...what can you eat?
  8. If you were looking for a new "blonde" and didn't want to date a second cousin, where would you look?
  9. What happens if you don't eat enough ployes in childhood?
  10. Where is the nearest beach?
  11. Who has the best stories about picking potatoes and working hard on the farm?
  12. Which of the following is a girl's name?
  13. What do you ice fish for?
  14. best place to see the Milky Way or Northern Lights
  15. ingredients in ployes
  16. What do you say when you stub your toe?

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Quiz topic: Am I a ploye-eater?