Are You a "Bark Eater"

When it comes down to it "Native" is a relitive term. Some times the woods are in your soul and sometimes yoou live there. Find out if you are a bark eater or just passing throuh.

Are you a barkeater or what? whats the APA mean to you? If you know what I'm talking about then your half way there. So get to it and lets see what you got.

Created by: JIll

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  1. The APA is?
  2. Lake George is?
  3. Schroon Lake is?
  4. 49ers are?
  5. The Blue Ledegs are?
  6. who could jump the Hudson river?
  7. TI.?
  8. Rustic is
  9. Snow =?
  10. Home is?

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Quiz topic: Am I a "Bark Eater"