What Rank Of Cereal Eater Are You?

Cereal rulez I guess I have to have one hundred and fifty letters or whatever... Cereal is a pretty good breakfast food and everybody should love it, and if you don't like it that much why don't you shove some dynamite up your butt... Take the quiz people it's pretty good... However it is my first one.

To find out how much or what rank you are of cereal eater, take this quiz I like letter B. Take this quiz and see how much you like cereal, whether you are an Average Joe, have a Passion for Cereal, or are a completely obsessed Cereal Maniac.

Created by: Connor
  1. If you woke up in the morning, what food would you most likely go for for breakfast?
  2. When you are shopping for cereal, what do you look for?
  3. Boxes or bags?
  4. Do you get family size or regular most often?
  5. Do you buy cereal based on healthiness, taste, or whatever comes in large amounts?
  6. What is the rooster's name on the box of Corn Flakes?
  7. On the Rice Krispies box of cereal, what are the three elve's names?
  8. What do you eat for breakfast the most?
  9. Tony Tiger is the icon of which brand?
  10. Crunchy, Flakey, Other?
  11. How many stripes does Buzz the Bee have?
  12. What flavor is Bart Simpson cereal?
  13. What color does milk turn after mushing up Cocoa-Krispies?
  14. In the Cap'n Crunch Brands, what is the Pirate's name?
  15. Puff Chez squeezch?
  16. What is the average amount of cereal bowls you have in one week?
  17. What meals do you eat cereal?
  18. Finally, how would you describe cereal?

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Quiz topic: What Rank Of Cereal Eater am I?