what cereal are you?

Ever wonder when you're buying a cereal, what one of them you are? Well, probably not, so that's why I made this quiz! Discover a range of cereals you can be including the adventurous Fruit loop and the shy Cherrio!

What cereal are YOU? Before, you could only wonder... Nesquik? Cherrio? Shreddie? Now you can know! In only a few minutes too! See what one of most popular cereals you are!

Created by: alfalfa of alfalfa.com
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  1. You see two 10 dollar bills drop out of a kids backpack. What do you do?
  2. You're walking down a alley, when a man jumps out and asks for your money
  3. You're in detention, with only your teacher, and you need to get out to get eat!
  4. You are at the movies, and when you sit down, you see a girl beside you. You want her attention.
  5. You are at a pet store and you want a cat.
  6. Why do you like a person
  7. You are in a store that sells chocolate bars, and the cashier is in the washroom. Only you and the store...
  8. You are at a basketball game, and the other team is about to shoot, and you have a blow-horn in your hand...
  9. You are waiting in line to go to the washroom, and you really have to go. There is a handicapped sign on it, and you look around and in the distance you see a handicapped person.
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