what cereal are you

cereal is not something you mess around with if you are a certain type you can take this quiz and find out. i for one am lucky charms and my freind kaitlyn here is froot loops. if you dont know than freeking figure it out!... please

are you froot loops or maybe even chex take this awesome quiz and find out i promise you wont be disapointed. and if you are disapointed then you are totally the generic cardboard claim to be healthy cereal and i am sooo sorry

Created by: stephanie & kaitlyn

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. i know you have heard this timeless question a million times before but here it goes out of these colors which is your favorite?
  2. which best describes you?????? i added extra question marks because i think i might have forgot one last question
  3. lets say hypothetically not like this happened to me your baby kitten dies what is your first reaction??? hypothetically
  4. so now another hypothetical question that doesnt realate to me at all in any way shape or form well here it goes. your sister throws and alarm clock at your head what do you do????
  5. now enough with questions that have maybe sort have happened to me what is your favorite of these six foods???
  6. soooo yea ummm are you having fun because you should be because i said soooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! eh heh heh
  7. umm so what do you think stephanie looks like??
  8. what do you think my bestest friend kaitlyn who is sitting right next to me looks like? and dont be afraid to speak your mind
  9. if you had to date any of the following people who would they be?
  10. which of the following is your motto
  11. do you love me?
  12. do you love me?
  13. this is the last question so here it goes will you miss us and do you want us to make more freeking awesome quizes??

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