Are you an adventurous eater?

Many people think that they're adventurous, but one good way to test that is seeing how adventurous of an eater you are. There are very few people who are true adventurers. Find out if you are one!!

Are you sure that you want to find out? Don't get insulted if you get a bad grade, and by all means read the advice, it's pretty good. A true explorer is one in a million. Find out if you are that one!!

Created by: Skylar
  1. Do you like lemons?
  2. What do you have on your pizza?
  3. I tell you this food has phenelylanines. what do you do?
  4. saurkreaut?
  5. do you ask the drive-thru guys to "hold the tomatoes, lettuce, etc."?
  6. You are in Africa, in a country where they eat strange things (termites, horse hooves...) What do you ask for at a resturaunt?
  7. 1 being bad, 10 being good, how much do you like veggies?
  8. Would you eat haggis?
  9. If you had to, would you resort to cannabalism?
  10. how do you eat hot dogs?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I an adventurous eater?