Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Everyone feels a little down in the dumps about their appearance some days. But some people feel like this all the time. Some people feel like they will never be anything good until they are "perfect." These people usually suffer with an eating disorder.

Do you suffer from an eatind disorder and don't know it? Maybe you're in denial, and maybe this quiz won't change your mind if you are. But having an eating disorder is like cancer and it will not go away on its own. If you check yes to any of these questions maybe you should tell someone how you feel.

Created by: Cassidy
  1. Have you lost a dramatic amount of weight in a short period of time?
  2. Are you obsessed with your weight, even though it is the normal?
  3. Do you hide the use of diet pills or laxatives and purge after eating?
  4. Are you obsessed with calories or fat content in food?
  5. Do you have unusual food rituals or hide food in odd places, like under your bed?
  6. Do you always think about cooking food and are always preoccupied with thinking about food?
  7. Have you ever flushed uneaten food down the toilet so people couldn't find it?
  8. Have you ever visited a pro-ana website, a website that promotes losing weight unhealthily?
  9. Do you believe that life will be better if you lose weight?
  10. Do you fear that when you start eating you won't be able to control it?

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