Do u suffer from obsesive compulsive disorder?

Many people wonder about obsessive compulsive disorder. It's a disorder that is where people are urged to repeating actions a number of times, fear of germs and contamination,keeping unsesesary objects ext.

This test should not be used as a diagnosis but a narrow measure of something probable. This test does not prove anything and you might be perfectly fine. Hope this helps some curious people!

Created by: Abbzie
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  1. do u have an erge to touch things as u walk by? and if you dont u feel stressed and emotional?
  2. do U have a number that u follow by doing something that number of times. e.g(blink 6 times when someone asks u a question)
  3. how often do these needs appear throughout your day? Is it time consuming?
  4. do u need objects arranged a certain way to feel satisfied?
  5. do u feel the need to keep objects u never even use?
  6. Are u afraid of contamination? (eg. dirt or germs)
  7. Do u always double check things? (eg. door locked, oven off,windows shut)
  8. do u feel something bad will happen to u or loved ones if u dont do somtething perfect or completed?
  9. do u harm urself to protect loved ones? emotional or phsical?
  10. Are u afraid of losing something u might need in future?

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