Do You Suffer From OJD(obssesive Jonas Disorder)???

You love the Jonas Brothers??? Well if you do take this quiz. You sure love them but do you have a disease created by them. Yup you read right. Take this quiz to find out if you have OJD....Obssesive Jonas Disorder.

If you have OJD then that means that you are a true fan.If you Just love them don' give dont' need OJD to be a fan and not all fans have it. But if you don't know any answer then why did you even take this quiz???

Created by: Miranda
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  1. In 10 words or less who is Joseph Adam Jonas. no sentences only words sepparated by commas.
  2. In 10 words of less who is Nicholas Jerry Jonas....
  3. Same as #2....Who is Paul Kevin Jonas
  4. How many Albums have the jonas brothers recorded....
  5. The JoBros all wear purity be funny what does Joe alway say when asked about his ring???
  6. According to Miley....what Jonas was she dating???
  7. Who dissed the Jonas' by saying that they at least write their own music??
  8. what does OMJ stand for???
  9. At what age was Joe Jonas with AJ Michalka....
  10. Last Question....How many Jonas Brothers are there

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Quiz topic: Do I Suffer From OJD(obssesive Jonas Disorder)???