Do you have an eating disorder??

Do YOU have an eating disorder. you may, but thats what im here for!! Do you really want to know if you have an eating disorder?? The truth can be scary sometimes. Just take my quiz and see. its easy, maybe even fun, but its not like you ve got anything better to do any way. so have fun and answer honestly.

there are many types of eating disorders. this quiz focuses on 3 main one. Anorexia, bulimia, and ED NOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified). find out which one you have, or if you have on at all!! just remember to answer honestly, otherewise your results will be all funky. whose gonna know besides you any ways?? good luck!!!

Created by: emily
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  1. How many calories do you normally eat on a typical day.
  2. Do you eat large amount of food, then vomit or use drugs to get rid of it?
  3. Do you eat large amounts of food without stopping, but without purging afterwards?
  4. Have you ever abused laxatives or diuretics (water pills)?
  5. Are you familiar with the terms "ana", "mia", "ED", "COE", and "ED NOS"?
  6. Do people often comment on how skinny you are, or how much food you eat?
  7. Do you use thinspiration on a daily basis?
  8. Do you frequent pro-ana sites?
  9. Have you ever self injured?
  10. Have you ever been treated for depression, suicide, or suicidal thoughts?
  11. Pretty girls are made of:

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Quiz topic: Do I have an eating disorder??