Which Twilight Spoof Character are You?

You're probably familiar with Twilight: the novel which has captured the imaginations of legions of vampire-adoring adolescents around the globe. Many groups and individuals alike have attempted to mimic the tale, while others lavish it with praise.

But only a select few are responsilbe for parodying Twilight and the nature of it's fans. One of these attempts has given rise to Dusk: the vampire romance novel that mocks many Twilight characters while adding additional elements (including zombieez). This quiz will attempt to determine which of the resulting Twilight spoof characters you are.

Created by: E Lunatic
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  1. *This is a short briefing, since you probably didn't read the description. Dusk is a novel which spoofs Twilight and the surrounding culture. This quiz will attempt to determine which of 6 of the main characters YOU are most similar to*
  2. Firstly, which "team" would you choose to be on, in the Twilight universe?
  3. Be honest. How well does your mind function, and in which way?
  4. You have the opportunity to align yourself with one of several opposing groups, all of which you find inferior to yourself and have no moral appeal to you, but may benefit you. Given the choice, would you rather...?
  5. Scenario: You are able to drain the souls of the dead in order to empower yourself. How do you feel about this?
  6. Scenario: You are hopelessly smitten with someone, but you have a secret that could ruin your relationship. What is your reaction?
  7. Scenario: Circumstances have given you the opportunity to embark on a dangerous journey involving zombies. What will you do?
  8. Scenario: Some friends of yours have a harebrained scheme that will not benefit you in any way, but might be interesting.
  9. Scenario: You are expected to perform a valuable action, but this occupation gives you much stress. How do you cope?
  10. Scenario: You're moderately interested in an attractive member of your preffered gender, whom you already know. How do you get their attention?
  11. Which of these phrases best describes you?
  12. Assuming that you're in a chaotic, warzone-like environment, why would you be killing people?
  13. Do you have any extra-ordinary abilities?
  14. Would you rather...?

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight Spoof Character am I?