Twilight Trivia

Many people claim to be twilight fans, but are YOU the real deal??? REAL twilighters eat, drink, and sleep twilight. Many would love to marry Edward or Jacob. Is that you? Come see!!

Do you wish you were a vampire?? A werewolf?? Or do you simply wish you were Bella so that you could spend an eternity with Edward?? Either way, you must love Twilight, so come see how much!!

Created by: Sam
  1. When Bella sees Edward for the second time, what does she notice is different about him?
  2. What is Edward's biological mother's first name?
  3. When the wolves come to save Bella from Laurent in the meadow, how many of them are there?
  4. When do Edward and Bella share their first kiss?
  5. When Jacob goes out to find a girl to imprint on, what is the name of the girl who comes to talk to him?
  6. What animal is Emmett getting mauled by when Rosalie finds him?
  7. Jacob says he'd rather see Bella dead than see her ________.
  8. To whom does Bella refer to as a golden retriever?
  9. Why does Bella flirt with Jacob when she first meets him?
  10. How does Alice feel about her human life?
  11. Who doesn't like Bella because Tyler likes Bella instead of her?
  12. Edward and his family leave Bella in what month?
  13. When Bella tells Edward she loves him for the first time, what is his reply?
  14. Edward was born in what year?
  15. What college does Edward want Bella to attend?
  16. In her human life, why was Rosalie jealous of her friend Vera?
  17. Why does Charlie not like Edward?
  18. Which vampire once expressed romantic interest in Edward?
  19. Who turned Jasper into a vampire?
  20. What was Edward about to die of before Carlisle saved him?
  21. What are the color of Renesmee's eyes?
  22. Where do Edward and Bella get married?
  23. When Edward leaves Bella in the forest, who finds her first?
  24. How much do you love twilight???

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