How Much Do You Know About Twilight?

As many of you know, Stephenie Meyer's series, "Twilight" has become very popular. In my opinion, IT IS THE AWESOMEST SERIES EVER!!! Don't take my word for it though. Read the books and see what you think.

So, how much do you know about Twilight? This is the ultimate Twilight quiz that will test your knowledge of all three books. Do you think you're a true fan? Take this quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Maty
  1. What is on the cover for the first book?
  2. What is on the cover for the second book?
  3. What is on the cover of the third book?
  4. Where did Bella move to Forks from?
  5. When did Bella find out that Edward was a vampire?
  6. Which member of Edward's family doesn't like Bella?
  7. After Edward leaves Bella in the second book, what does she discover that triggers her memories of him?
  8. What else happens in Edward's absence?
  9. Why does Edward decide to kill himself?
  10. What does Edward do when he and Bella return from Italy?
  11. How does Jacob get Bella in trouble with Charlie?
  12. When does originally plan to get changed into a vampire?
  13. What does Edward bribe Alice with to keep Bella "hostage" when he goes hunting?
  14. How does Bella break her hand?
  15. What is causing all of the disappearences in Seattle?
  16. Who was SUPPOSED to be the alpha in the pack of Quilleute werewolves?
  17. Who does Charlie want Bella to date?
  18. What very hard decision does Bella have to make in the third book?
  19. Who does Bella pick to be her maid of honor in her wedding?
  20. Last Question! Did you like the Twilight books?

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