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alright this is x-men love story pt 3. plz share and like this quiz. it means alot. and also go take the first 2 x-men love stories if you didn't already

alright this is x-men pt 3. just so you remember the 3 guys are pyro/john , bobby/iceman and warren/angel. hope you enjoy this quiz. remember to share it and like it. it means a lot. thanks

Created by: firegirl88

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  1. You wake up with your hands and feet bound. tight. you struggle to get free and then you try to use your powers. no such luck. to electicity wasn't going to break these metal bounds. just then mystique walks in. "hello electica." she said coolly. "what do you want with me!?!" you say as you struggle even more. mystique laughed. "good luck trying to get out of that. magneto himself put you in there. he could easily kill you." you stop struggling. "what are you going to do to me?" you ask in a small voice. "nothing at all dear. we just have a little offer here for you. join us, the brotherhood of evil mutants, and i will spare your life." "i thought you gave all mutants a chose?!?" "we do, live or die" " i meant a fair one. join us or walk away!!" "yes, but you are one of a few class 4, we can't afford to lose you to the X-men.
  2. "well hen i guess you'll have to kill me." "very well" said mystique making some strange gusture. the metal bar suddenly got painfully tight. you grind your teeth. then a metal bar it putting persure on your chest. "last chance, eletrica." "i'll die first" you then brace yourself for the expsoding pain. but it never comes. the metal releases you and before your eyes close you see jean, storm, logan and scott's faces all looking at you. they all looked worried, even logan did.
  3. you wake up this time in your bed. your wrists and anckles killing you. "morning sunshine" you turn around and see john sitting in a chair beside your bed playing with his light as usual. "it's a good thing your awake, thought you went into a coma or something. he put the lighter away. "wha...what happened?" "well, when the team saved you from the brotherhood, you fainted. how you feeling anyway." "a little painful, but i can dead with it" "good because tomorrow is a field trip. we're going to some muszeam.(i suck at spelling, give me a break) but...if you want, me, bobby, and rouge ares kipping and going to the food court. wanna come with?"
  4. "sure, i'll go" "cool the trip is at 3pm,tomorrow. so your free to do whatever you want" he said as he leaves the room. you get up and put on..
  5. "hey cool your awake" you turn around and see warren. "yeah, what's up?" "come with me. i want to show you something."
  6. so you fallow warren. he leads you up to the roof. "um...warren? what's this about?" "just trust me ok?" he then takes your hand, and jump off the roof. BRINGING YOU WITH HIM! you then feel yourself being lifted up higher and higher. you open your eyes and see warrens great white wings soaring through the air. he looks down and smiles at you. you smile back. you just got to live the dream everyone has had at one point in their lives. you love the feeling of the wind whipping through your hair, the freedom.... and angel's arms around you.
  7. you guys fly around a bit more then he lands and puts you down. "that was fun" you say still a little dizzy from flying around. "ya, sorry if i scared you at first but i wanted to surprise you." "it's all good. besides, if you told me i would have chickened out" you both laugh. "well it's getting late, maybe we should get some rest." "yeah,but first, i want you to have this." he said putting a necklace around your neck."oh...warren..it's... it's beautiful" he smiled and said, "i knew you would like it" he leaned down and kissed your cheek. "night" and after that he flew off.
  8. as your heading to your room you see bobby. "hey bobby" you say. "hey, so john tells me your skipping with us." "mmhmm" "yeah well, if we get caught just blame it on him, it was his idea after all"
  9. "so where were you? i didn't see you all day" "oh i was just hanging out with warren" "oh" things are awkward for a minute then bobby suddenly says " oh yeah, i heard about mystique captured you. how are you feeling, anything you need?" "well now that i think about it, my head is killing me" bobby smiled "that's not a problem at all." he then creates some ice hand hands it to you. "thanks, bobby, your a lifesaver" you say as you put the ice to your forehead. "not a problem" he said s he walked away.
  10. you get to your room and see rouge and kitty in there. when they look up and see you they instently look releived. "thank god" they both say as they hug you. "i'm sorry ____ sorry let mystic make you think she was me" "it's not your fault, rouge. things happen" "yeah, but this thing almost got you killed" "look, can we just...pretend it nevere happened" rouge and kitty smiled "sure thing" "so kitty, you wanna skip with me, bobby, john and ____? "nah, i can't afford to lose any marks. i'm already failing history."
  11. alright so pt 4 will be about the trip. if you don't know it's the beginning of x-men 2 so alot of other things from the movie will also be in the next few quizes. hope you enjoyed it. i'll try to make the next one longer i just really wanted to finish this one.

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