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  • sadsadasda
    "its been 900 years since ive been here and somehow google saved my login info lmao"
  • ayy lmao
    "ooh man thats cool, I'm in a skype call right now and my friends might get control of my computer using a program so just a warning if a bun..."
  • ayy lmao
    "Yoo, sup??"
  • "tumblr: ibuking skype: crystalina456 (if you wanna add me hmu first) tbh that's really all i use now lmao sorry"
  • ayy lmao
  • ay lmao
    "Yeah man"
  • ay lmao
    "oh deargod it sounds horrible"
  • ay lmao
    "Yeah, how has the site been?"
  • "Ah, well I see why that would get annoying but they are still being immature about it.."
  • ay lmao
    "Haha, yeah thats why i stayed away for awhile, i just occasionally check in ya feel? hello komaeda"
  • "I was unaware of the reason to, but is that really it? by the way people were acting i thought she harrassed someone?? why is everyone being..."
  • ay lmao
    "Yeah, thanks. it has but i see people are still over dramatic as hell."
  • ay lmao
    "Well, it's been awhile since I've actually talked here. I believe we have spoken before?? maybe, idk man."
  • ""retard" is an ableist (i believe that's what it's calld) slur however, so if you wanted to make a statement about her intelligence you coul..."
  • ay lmao
    "im here for once. probably no one i know is on but whatever hey memes"

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