Are you a perfect cheerleader like me?

there are many people who are good at cheerleading and there are many, many, many people who r bad at really really bad! im NOT one of them

but are you?? this quiz is perfect for u if u want to know if ur a good cheerleader or not ok. um, yeah cheerleading rocks i rock and dont forget to comment on this quiz :)

Created by: Ashleyy

  1. ok first question. do u cheer???
  2. if u do cheer, where do u cheer at???
  3. can u do the splits????
  4. are u flexible??
  5. can u tumble???
  6. can u do a back hand spring cuz i can!
  7. can u do a bow and arrow flyer???
  8. what is cheerleading all about???
  9. have u ever done allstar cheerleading ??? :) cuz i have!!
  10. do u think cheerleading is the best sport in the world????
  11. last question do u think ur the best cheerleader ever?????

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Quiz topic: Am I a perfect cheerleader like me?