Can You Be Head Cheerleader?

There are many people who were born to be cheerleaders and cheer on people, they are the most popular people and everyone wants to be them. Well if you wanna be them you came to the right quiz.

Are you Head cheerleader material have the tumbling skills the dancing skills the cheer making skills. Well you can stop wondering Take the Quiz to find out if you are Head cheerleader Material?

Created by: Bethany
  1. Can you make up cheer very easily?
  2. Can you do a backhand spring?
  3. Are you a leader or follower BE HONEST HERE!
  4. Can you dance well (tell the truth)
  5. Am I a cheerleader.
  6. What the heck What's your fav color?
  7. Do u have what it takes to be head cheerleader?
  8. Are you already a cheerleader?
  9. When you cheer you?
  10. Last question: Is cheerleading a sport.

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Quiz topic: Can I Be Head Cheerleader?