What Colour Lipstick Are You?

Well this quiz just tells you that if you were some lipstick what colour you would be blah blah blah okay? If you don't want to know what the possible results there are, don't read the second paragraph.

So you wanna know the results? Okay! They are red, plum/black, pink and natural colour. You probably have an idea about what your result will be but take the quiz anyway to be sure! Now, TAKE THE DAMN QUIZ ALREADY!!!!!!!!

Created by: Silvereight

  1. Hi! First question. I'm not gonna tell you what it is!
  2. Fine, I'll tell you. The question is *drumroll* How are you?
  3. Okay, down to the real test. Which of these two words describe you the best?
  4. Describe your dream house:
  5. Pick you favourite:
  6. Lets fight!
  7. Your doing an art project for school and your partner (accidentally) cuts your finger with some sizzors. You say/think:
  8. Just gonna change the description for the answer pink ok?
  9. Pink! Your random and funny. People love to be around you as you always put a smile on peoples face even if you don't mean to! Yeah so your basically random. The thank you bits the same.
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz and I hope you like your result!

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Quiz topic: What Colour Lipstick am I?