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  • Your Result: Red!

    You are that popular girl everyone just has to be friends with. Your confident in everything you do and always looking good. Thanks for taking my quiz and please commemt and rate!

    I do have a lot of friends, unfourtuneatly I have this thing called a brain that stops me from being popular. As for looking good, thank you very much. I just took a quiz that said I was ugly, and now all of a sudden I'm smoking hot! Quizzes are so confusing sometimes, but I'll just say this is probably very accurate. For the record I do like red lipstick the best, just because it's traditional. Although I wouldn't know too much about makeup... heh heh

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Your Result: Plum/black!

    You are that dark souled girl that everyone is scared of. You threaten your way through life and look evil. Thanks for taking my quiz and please comment and rate!

    Um, let me see. Black isn't really a 'dark souled and evil colour' if you think about it. I don't 'threaten my way through life' and I'm pretty sure I don't 'look evil' just because I wear black and 'gothic' colours.

  • A natural shade!

    You are the shy girl that is kind and a loyal friend. You probably don't have much confidence and are a good listener. Thanks for taking my quiz and please comment and rate!

    Great quiz ;)

  • This quiz was fun! I got PINK!


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