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alright, so this is mythical love story part 2. x-men love story pt 8 the final chapter is out just not showing on the new quizzes list. so just click on my name to take it.

recap: you hear a noise and you go to see what it is. you open the door and it's...take the rest of the quiz to find out! thanks for taking :D

Created by: firegirl88

  1. open the door and you don't see anybody. your a bit confused but you then feel someone behind you. your about to scream when a hand covers you mouth. you turn around and see fang. "FANG! DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" you shove him away. "sorry, but i didn't want people to see me. look _____, i have some information about when the portal will open." "WHEN!" "next year." "WHAT!" "well, the time here is different. so it could feel more or less than a year." "helpful" fang looks at you sadly. it'll be fine, _____." he pushed some hair out of your face and kissed your forehead. "get some sleep." "yeah..." "oh, and look at the bright side, no school, homework, chores" you gave him a small smile. "yeah, i guess" the corners of his mouth twitched. and with that he was gone in the blink of an eye.
  2. next morning you wake up and decide to look around. you see characters for books that you know. you seen wisty from witch and wizard, even comic book characters, like storm from x-men. you walking along and hear people yelling, and a boy laughing. you turn the corner and see drake, pointing his gun at what look someone from twilight. some other dude that you don't know goes up to drake, fearless. he turns his body into pure metal and knocks drake out. "that will teach you to pick on people your own size!" he helps the twilight person up. "thanks" she says and walks away, shaken. everyone leaves drake lying on the ground in pain. no matter what, you have to see if he's alright. you walk up to him, tying not to get to close. "drake..." "ugh, yeah...i-um...did you see-see that?" he says sitting up. his whip arm around his waist now you're not as afraid. you take a step closer. "um-yeah, why were you doing that?" "that b---- always is pissing me off. thought i would teach her a lesson." "who was that?" "bella" "oh" "so wait. you tried to kill her, because she was pissing you off?" "i didn't try to kill her, i just tried to scare her." "you used a gun, when you could have used your whip...arm?" he gave a shark grin. "guns are more fun. been shooting them since i was 7. and that bella girl thinks she's all that because "i have a vampire boyfriend"" he said using a high pitched voice that made you giggle. "ok, so i have to admit, i have wanted to see her get some punishment, i couldn't even watch the movie 'twilight'." you say. drake smiled. he seemed different now than he was a few minutes ago. he seemed almost...happy, like a non-sadistic psychopathic person. "i-i better go..." says drake awkwardly. "uh...yeah, see you around." "yeah, later,______." with that he walked off, and, regaining his normal additude, and went to bully some other people.
  3. you walk along thinking about how drake have been. he seemed almost...normal. you keep going and bump into nico. "hey _____" "hi nico." "so fang told you about the portal, huh?" "yeah, i don't think anybody from 'my world' will really miss me thought..." "why not?" " parents died when i was 8." "they did...? how?" "a car crash...we were hit by a drunk." "and you haven't seen hem since..." "how do you know?" "my mother died when me and my sister were only 4. my sister died two years ago. but i still see them." "wha-what?! how?!" he smiled sadly. "i am the son a hades." "oh" you want to ask him if he could, like summon her parents so se could see them one last time, but you feel like it's too much to much to ask. "n-nico..." "yeah?" "do you think that i could-" "see your parents one last time?" you look down, regretting asking him. he puts his hand under you chin, making you look at him. "sure, fallow me" he grabs your hand and leads you down to a pit. "we're going to need some food which we have. i need you to swot at the other ghosts until your parents come. relax, they won't hurt you. it's just like swotting mist." he adds seeing the fear on your face at the thought of touching a ghost. "ready?" you nod. he than starts saying words you don't understand and making strange gestures. you start to see what looked like mist coming up out of the ground and going towards the food. remembering what nico said, you start to swot the ghosts away. it's accually kind of fun. when nico suddenly saids to stop. before you, were misty images of your mother and father. "" "hello, sweetheart." your mother says with a warm smile. "your...your..." "dead, we know,honey. but you have to let us go." "WHAT! I JUST SAW YOU GUYS AGAIN." your mother smiles sadly. "____, something bad's coming up. you have to let us go. we love you sweetheart." she tried to touch your face but her hand went through you. "we're just mist now, we love you. goodbye ____" with that they disappeared. "i love you too" you say in a small voice. nico comes out of the shadows. "_____ i-" "thanks for letting me see them again,nico." you say wiping tears away. "but i really want to be alone for awhile. i'll see you around,k?" you forced a smile through your tears. "k..."
  4. you walk away in tears. how could your mother want you to forget her? and your father? you find a beautiful lake and sit down by it. it's almost night time. you see the moon coming over the hill. to your amazement, the water started to turn sparkly silver as the moon rose. making the lake even more beautiful. "it's enchanted" you hear a voice behind you say. you turn around and see draco. when did he get there? "t=when the moon rises" he says kneeling down beside you. "the water turns silver. he says taking your hand and guiding it over the water. when you pulled your hand out your finger tips wear the same sparkly silver. "it's beautiful..." you breathe. "yes, there are a lot of beautiful things in mythica. and more keep coming." the last part was barely a whisper. "huh?" "not-nothing." he says quickly. "so, why were you crying?" he asks changing the subject. "Well..." you don't really want to tell him about nico and your parents, so you just say "fang says i'll be stuck here for at least a year." you lie. "oh, well, hey. at least it's better than being in a small room with DRAKE for a year." you manage to creak a small smile. "i guess." he smiles back and says "it's getting late, you do NOT want to be outside after dark." "why, what's out here?" "the warewolves feed." "relax, they don't harm anyone inside their houses or during the day, but in wolf from, they don't know what they're attacking or what they're doing. trust me" "ok, good night draco" he smiles. "good night ___"
  5. you have a dream that night. a dream where you see a little four year old girl holding hands with her mother and father. that four year old girl, is you. she turns around, smiles at you and reaches her hand out, as if wanting to take you somewhere. your about to take her hand when- you wake up. you remember about what happened last night, and try to hold back tears. wiping some fallen tears away, you get up, get dressed and start making yourself breakfast. you hear a knock on the door. "come in" fang silently comes in and closes the door. "hey, _____ nico told me about what happened to your parents, and what the ghost of your mother said." "oh" "in a way, your lucky. all i know about my mother is that she was a teenager. and i learned that from a mind reading six year old." "you never met your mother?" "i'm from a book series, maybe you should read more." you crack a small smile. "not going to happen" he smiles back. "well, you should, maybe you could get to know some people here. for the time being." "i guess, while i'm here that is" fang nods and leaves your house.
  6. you think about what fang had said after he left. you suddenly become very pissed. why was this happening to you? you start to yell, not caring who hears "WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME! WHY IS THIS s--- HAPPENING TO ME! WHY I AM I HERE. WHY DID MY PARENTS HAVE TO DIE! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!" you punch the table and than winch in pain. but it didn't hurt as much as the emotional pain you were feeling right now. you sit own on the floor. crying like crazy. this has to be a dream. you think. this has to be a dream. i have to wake up! i have to wake up. I HAVE TO WAKE UP!! your all alone, no ones there for you. but, you feel a comforting arm go around you. "it's alright, it's ok _____, it'll all go away. just- just stop crying." says a familar voice. you look up and, of all people, drake is comforting you. drake merwin, the sadistic psychopath, is comforting you. "th-thanks-you drake" you say through your tears. he get up, not saying a word, looks at you and kisses your hair. with that, he leaves.
  7. still a little stunned about what drake did for you, you blindly walk away from your house. you then find yourself at a graveyard. "_____!" you turn around and see nico. "oh, hey nico. look i'm sorry about-" "all is forgiven. i know how hard it is. trust me" you two are awkwardly silent for a minute. "sooo, what are you doing here?" he asks changing the subject. "i don't know, just walking around. what are you doing here?" "talking with the dead, but all they mostly talk about is how bad their grave smells" you manage a little giggle. "i can image." "do you want me to show you around this place? you never did really get a tour yet." you smile. "sure, thanks" as nico's showing you around you're stuned by how beautiful this place really is. "so what do you think?" "well, maybe being here for a while isn't such a bad thing after all." "it's nice once you get used to it." "yeah, nico, i gotta go. thanks again for showing me around. "no problem." he smiles. "where you going?" "uh..." what you really wan to do is find out more about fang and his mother. " to get...something to eat." you lie. "ohhhh k?" "yeah, i'll see you around nico." "k...bye ____"
  8. you're walking to fangs house and someone grabs you from behind. you try to scream but they covered your mouth with their hand. "don't worry, i'm not going to hurt you." says a voice. you turn around and it's...
  10. ok guys. thanks for taking this quiz. x-men love story pt 8 is out just not showing on the new quizzes list. it's the final chapter so i if you took the others you can just take it by clicking on my name.

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