Winter Love Story, Part 1.

Hey everyone! Welcome to Winter Love Story! I'm not sure how many quizzes are going to be in this series, but I'm going to work on it over the next few weeks and it's gonna be all about finding love around Thanksgiving and Christmas time!

This series is inspired after my old series LA Summer Love Story. Those got pretty popular this summer and I really enjoyed making them so now I'm doing kind of a winter version! Who will you fall for? Austin, Ronnie, Jesse, or Cody?

Created by: AddiBabyy

  1. Real quick: read the memo, if you didn't already!
  2. Okay so anyways, you arrive to first period, your homeroom class. It's the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. You sit down in your desk in the middle of the room.
  3. Then Austin walks into the class. He's the most popular guy in the whole school, and he's REALLY cute. He has flippy brown hair, cute brown eyes, and the most amazing smile ever. He has a super muscular body too, because he's the captain of the football team.
  4. As he goes and sits at his desk, you lean over to your best guy friend Ronnie and say "Oh my god Ronnie, why is Austin so hot?" Ronnie just kinda shrugs his shoulders and looks sad for a second.
  5. Ronnie is kind of an emo boy. He's pale with dark brown, straight, flippy emo hair. It's usually covering at least one of his eyes, but they're the brightest prettiest blue eyes ever. He's pretty shy and sensitive, and he's your best friend and he's always there for you. Everyone besides you thinks he has the biggest crush ever on you.
  6. At the end of class, you're packing up your books into your backpack and talking to Ronnie when Austin walks over. "Hey, _____" he says, "you look really pretty today." He smiles at you and walks out of class.
  7. After class, you and Ronnie are walking in the hall when Jesse walks up.
  8. Jesse is the school's bad boy. He wears a ripped leather jacket, rides a motorcycle, and he's ALWAYS in detention after school. He has longish flowing black hair and a really sexy face, usually with a serious look on it.
  9. "Hey hot girl. Hey emo boy," he says to you and Ronnie, "what's up?" Ronnie looks kinda uncomfortable for a second and then he says "Hey, uh, Jesse? I'm not emo... I don't like labels. And ____... she isn't 'hot'. She's beautiful. Can you not be so disrespectful?"
  10. Jesse shrugs, expressionless, and says "Sorry dude. I'll see you guys around," and he walks off. You feel kinda bad for him for a second, just because he seems so lost and so alone all the time. Then you just go back to your conversation with Ronnie!
  11. After school, you're at your locker, gathering up your books. Then Austin walks up to you. "Hey _____," he says, "so uh... we haven't really talked much before, but I just keep seeing you and I think you're so pretty. So I was wondering if you'd maybe want to hang out over the break? And if not... you could still text me." He smiles at you.
  12. You say sure, and give him your number. Then you walk home with Ronnie. While you guys are walking home, Ronnie says "____, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm protective over you sometimes. It's just... you're my best friend in the world and also by far the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I just never want to see any guy disrespect you. You deserve the best..." By now, you guys are standing really close, facing each other. With each word Ronnie speaks, it seems you two get closer. Then before you know it... he's kissing you!
  13. He pulls away and says "Oh my god... I am so sorry. I don't know where that came from. I just... I gotta go. Bye, beautiful. I'll call you later." He runs off. He is acting so strange!
  14. That night, you're laying in bed and you can't stop thinking about...
  15. Okay so this first quiz was pretty short! And just letting you know, I added the result Cody before I realized I'm not introducing him until the next quiz... oops. Anyways, check out my other series LA Summer Love Story, and stay tuned for the next edition of this series!

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