another random love story part1

This is another love story. I tried to make it kinda different, but who knows! Maybe it'll be the same as everyone elses. This is my first quiz, and I hope it'll be ok!

(part one is gonna be part of the last day of school! part 2 might be the rest of the day and the first day of summer? I'm not sure yet!)

Created by: Reagan_77

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  1. ok, so in this quiz there are gonna be four amazing guys- Hunter, Nate, Connor, and Emmett. Its pretty much gonna be the same as the title says- another random love story.
  2. It's the last day of school. You're changing schools next year, and won't see any of your friends for a really long time. You go to lunch, and sit with the same people as always- Hunter, Nate, Connor, Emmett (your best guy friends EVER), Reagan, and Kennedey(your other best friends).
  3. You guys are all kinda upset, and you're just sitting there, thinking. Emmett's sitting next to you, and he leans over and whispers in your ear "Evyn? I really need to talk to you. i don't know if i'll get another chance."
  4. You nod slowly, and follow him out the door. Walking behind him, you think "next year's gonna suck for him. Everyone else will be gone, and he'll be the only one still here. I'm really gonna miss him." He turns around and grabs your hand. It looks like he's gonna cry, and so you let go of his hand and hug him. "i'm really gonna miss you Emmett." you whisper. "I'll miss you too Evyn."
  5. You pull away, and he's brushing the tears off his cheeks. "Ev... I have to tell you something.... ireallylikeyouihavesincethebeginningoftheyear. and..... i'm just really really gonna miss you." He says everything in a rush, and then runs off. You just stand there. that wasn't really what you expected.
  6. You walk back in the room, replaying what happened. You sit back down right as the bell rings, and as you're walking past some tables, you trip. Someone catches you, and pulls you back up. you turn, and find yourself staring into the deep brown abyss-like eyes of Connor. "Don't be such a klutz Evyn." he says coldly, as he walks off, his slightly curly dark brown hair bouncing against his neck. "Connor....?" You watch him until he turns the corner, amazed at how your nice, calm, logical friend turned into a cold, mean teenager. "don't worry Ev, he's just upset." your friend Kennedey says. "Upset? why???" "Because you're leaving... What, you thought that i'm the only person who'll miss you?!" She teased
  7. You walk to your locker, grab your stuff, and head upstairs to class. Then you set your stuff down on your desk, and look around for Hunter. He's standing right behind you, and he holds out his arms. you fall into them, glad to have someone to hug, someone that will listen to you. You've had kind of a bad day, and start to cry. Hunter eases you out of his arms, grabs on to your hand, and gently tugs you toward the teacher. "Hey Mr ______? Evyn's had a bad day, and she's really upset. i'm gonna go talk to her on the stairs, ok?" He walks you out the door, and halfway down the stairs. You guys sit down, and he wraps his arms around you again. You just sit there for a while, crying into his shoulder, and he whispers into your hair, calming you down but not rushing you.
  8. You calm down, and just start talking. Talking about Emmett, and his confession. About Connor, and how you thought he was being kinda mean. And about how much you're going to miss everybody so much. When you're done, you sigh, and say "I'm sorry that took so long. it was kinda pathetic. None of its that big a deal anyway. Thanks for listening." Hunter just looks at you with his big gray eyes, and says "Hey Evyn? Well.... this might not be the best time to tell you... But i really like you too? I have for the last couple months, and I had to keep trying to convince myself that we would never be more than friends... but i thought you should know, since you're leaving and all... I'm sorry." You stand up, then grab Hunter's hand and pull him up too. You hug him one more time, trying to pour all your feelings into those few moments, because he always knows what you mean.
  9. You and Hunter break apart, and for a second just look at each other, thoughts racing through both your heads. Then, at the bottom of the stairs, you see a flash of movement, a blur of blonde hair. "Nate" you and Hunter say at the same time. "I... Better go find him." you say. "Tell the teacher i went to the office or something." Then you run down the stairs, turning through hallways, and up a different set of stairs. You know Nate's favorite places. You find him standing by a window in an unused classroom, choking back tears. You walk over beside him, and put your head on his shoulder. "You ok?" you ask. "Ya i'm great. My best friend is leaving, i might not ever see her again, i've liked her for forever, and then i see her making out with one of my other friends. Ya, Evyn, I'm just amazing." You're stunned. you'd never seen Nate upset before. "so you and Hunter, huh?" he says, more a comment than a question. "wha- no! Nate, we were just talking, I was really upset and he was trying to help. We weren't making out, i just gave him a hug. we were talking about Emmett and Connor and him."
  10. "you were talking about them... but not me?" Nate asks softly. "Nate, you should be glad we weren't talking about you! All of them did something to make me feel really bad about leaving." He looks at you, then turns and sits on the floor against the wall. You slide down next to him and take his hand. He almost pulls away, but changes his mind. you guys sit like that for a long time, then Nate stands up and walks to the door. You see that he's been crying, but you're not sure if he realizes it. "I don't know what i'm gonna do without you Evyn." He steps out the door, and by the time you get there, he's gone.
  11. You head back to class, SO confused about everything thats happened today. as you walk by a window, you see Connor out on the grass, laying down and looking at the sky. You want to go out and talk to him, but you're not sure how he would react... Whatever. you go out anyway, and as you're getting close, he stands up and faces you. You walk closer, and stop. He closes the distance, puts his arms around your waist, and looks into your eyes. He leans in, your lips meet, and your heart starts racing. Your first kiss is soft, sweet, and slow.
  13. please comment??? you dont have to rate, but this is my first quiz and i need some input if i'm gonna do another!!!
  14. ok last question: who do you think you like???

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