Hey this is UGLY LOVE PART 1.1, please enjoy it. I hope you like it. verry much!! please read the last question (question 12) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should I make more?


Created by: singin234

  1. *I sat next to my best friend both of us crying our eyes out. "Why" Mia my best friend just said. "I wish It was me instead" I said yo her wiping my tears. My family and Mia's family wanted to go to wagga wagga NSW to see my aunt. Thats died. But there was a car crash and me and Mia are the only ones to live. A person put there hand on my head and pulled to to them. "Hush" The person said. It was a guys voice. I looked at Mia who was looking at me holding this guys hand crying she said "I am sorry Ally. They will tell you everything, bye forever" Mia walked off holding the guys hand and smileing. the guy had pink hair and green eyes. He turned to look at me and said "Until we meet again Ally" I turned to see a guy with black hair and amazing clear blue eyes. "Who are you?" I asked him. "Ty, and you your name is now Rose" I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Lets go" he said and walked me to his place* Well that was when I was 13. I am now 17 turning 18 this year. I live with Ty and his sister, mum and dad. I am a princess of good and Mia is well...evil. I have powers and I can take down anyone but I must have Ty at my side. duh he is my best friend and NOTHING more. GET IT!!
  2. well right now I am on the bus with Ty. ~without you...~ the Ipod went. "Oh Rose I hate you so" Ty said, Ok ty is not into love. I laugh "I hate you too" I say back. Ty hates Love stories. Then the bus pulls into the school. Me and Ty are last off the bus. "What?" I asks Ty who is staring right ahead. I girl with blond hair and clear green eyes walk pasted. I rolled my eyes and walk to class leaving him stareing. "Use your magice for good" Ty's dad had said to me. I always listen to him, Then I bump into the one girl in the whole school that hates me. "Hey Rose, nice hair! It goes with your ugly face" she said and walked off. Her name is Rhianna. ~Loser~ I thought. Then a guy with blond hair and green eyes walked into me. "Oh I am sorry" He said to me helping me get off the ground. "Thats ok! I am Rose" "Jake, I am new my twin Rachel is here too! She has Blond hair and clear Green eyes, have you seen her?" Jake asked me. "Yeah. But I dont know where she is now, I help you! If you like" I told him. "Jake" Rachel said walking down the hall with Ty. "Huh? who's this?" she said kindly
  3. "Oh I am Rose" I said kindly back holding out my hand for her to shake it. She did. "Rachel. You met my twin Jake?!?!?!?!" I nodded "You met Ty?!?!?!?!?" I askes her back. She also nodded, then we both smiled. We got along great! "Oh Rose lives with me because her family died when she was 13" Ty told them for me. "You two togeter?" Jake asked. "NO" me and Ty said at the same time. "no" we said again but softer. "MISS ROSE" said our head missdress MRS Donner. "crap" I mutted. "Yes" I said way louder. "AND TY! Too my office" she yelled. ~what did you do now?~ I asked Ty in my mind (magic) ~dont know~ he said back
  4. "Ty's father is comeing to pick you up so stay here" she told me and Ty who just sat there. ~this sucks~ I say to Ty by magic. ~I know~ he said back. *50 MINS LATER* at home I am lying on my bed knocked out. I am dreaming *"ROSE...rose i am comeing" a voice says out of the darkness. "Until we meet again" The guy with the Pink hair and Green eyes had said to me when he took Mia away. "I am Sane"* I wake up by someone shakeing me. I wake to see I guy with brown hair and grey eyes. "I am Collin" He says kindly. "Rose" I say falling out of bed. He laughs and helps me up. "I tell everyone your awake" He says and yells "ROSE IS AWAKE" everyone comes up. Ty, Ty's dad, Ty's Mum, Ty's sister, jake, Rachel, a girl with red hair and green/grey eyes, a guy with rusty red hair and grey eyes, a guy with black hair and brown eyes and a guy with brown/blond hair and light blue eyes. "Huh? What?" Is all I could say
  5. Ty laughed. "tell her yours names". "Kate" The red head girl said. "Henrick" The guy with the red hair said. "Ash" said the one with the black hair. "Sky" said the brown/blond haired guy. "WHATS GOING ON?" I yelled. Ty laughed "clam down! I will tell you everything"
  6. "You better" I snapped. "As you know we are all magic and you are a princess, But Mia and Sane are bother and sister and are both evil. Sane wants to marry you so the dark side wins. But we are not from this world as you know and there is a hidden gem. Thats gem is important. If we want to get back to our world and for you to become queen, we must find this Gem before they do. you, me, jake, rachel, jake, kate, collin, sky, henrick and Sky must find it before Mia and Sane do. Are you in?" Ty told me. "Yes! But what if Mia and Sane gets it 1st?" I asked. "There is going to be a war. An ugly war" henrick told me
  7. "Lets ust rest for now. Dinner will be ready in 10" Ty's father said and walked out to make dinner. everyone went to there rooms but Ty. "How are you takeing it?" he asked me. "Well, just did you know this would happen?" I asked him, "Yeah. get some sleep I will wake you up at dinner time" he told me, I nodded
  8. In my dream *"ROSE... i am comeing...until we meet again...Come Mia..." sane said. It went around and around in my head then Rachels voice said "Wake up Rose wake up"* I open my eyes and saw Rachel looking at me. "Get ready for dinner ok" she said kindly and left me. I bushed my hair and changed into some jeans ans a t-shirt. Then walked down stairs.
  9. I sat next to Ty's sister and Ty. No one said a word until the window broke
  10. Ok thanks for takeing my quiz. I know this Is mean but if I get 5 comments from 5 diffrent people I will make 2,3,4 and if you still like them I will make 5,6,7,8 and so on. Please if I have bad spelling or something I am sorry. If you have an idea i might add it if I like it. If i dont put you idear in I might in the next one. Thanks for taking the quiz. please come back for UGLY LOVE PART1.2

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