The live of a Shadow part1

'Sup!This quiz is to see who you fall in love with.You will be dragged into this awesome series!See who dies and who lives!Find out!See who holds your life!It's hidden.Find out as you go deeper and deeper into these boy's past.Find the shocking truth!

This quiz was made by the one the ONLY the totally AWESOME Shadey1304.Pwease take my other quizzes.This one is a love story btw.I love to make love storys.They make life more happy.

Created by: Shadey1304

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  1. Your walking home alone.It's night and no ones around.
  2. Then something out the bushes grabs you.It jumps into the air.You yell"Put me down.NOW!"You hit his arm.
  3. It looks at you.You look back.It's a person!You see it's a boy."Shh...Calm down.I'm not gonna hurt you."He says.You start to feel sleepy.You close your eyes.
  4. * * * You wake up in a huge room.You look around.It's not your room.You hear talking outside your door."No!She's not like us!"Someone shouts."Yeah.I agree with Josh!I don't do well with people!"Someone else agrees.I'm in chrage!I say who well let join and who we don't!"Yelled a voice.It's the one from last night.
  5. The door opens.You look at who's in front of you.You see 4 boys.The boy from last night was in the middle.It turns out he has brown hair and shiny brown eyes.His skin is peachy(X3).
  6. On the left of Brown boy(LMAO)was a pale young man.He had dirty blond hair and light green eyes.On his far right was a boy with Black hair and brown eyes.
  7. Finally,There was a boy on dirty boy's far left.He had blond hair with icy blue eyes.He also had freckles that claimed his face.He was reading."Hiya.I'm sorry about last night my name is Tyler."Said brown boy.
  8. "This is Coruvs."Tyler said poniting to Dirty boy."Josh."He said poniting to reading boy."And finally Jacob."He said poniting to black boy.You blink."Um.My name is________"You say.
  9. "Listen.We need your help!Jackie an evil witch has awoken from her sleep."Tyler expained.Corvus stepped foreward."Only agree if you like getting your hands dirty."He said.
  10. You say"I-"CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!See you 4 part 2!X3

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