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  • Pokemon soap opera
    "Gtg.I'll be on tomrrow.Bye heph!*Huggles*"
  • "Okay"
  • Pokemon soap opera
    "Charmie popped her head out the bag and growled."Nice of you to join us."Natsumi pulled out Charmie. Jasper laughed."That wea"
  • "Ur not my mother.So u can't tell me wat to do.I'm sorry okay?!God."
  • Pokemon soap opera
    "Jasper followed."Give'em up."He commanded. Natsumi stared."No way!Their my pokémon!!!!(X3)"She said taking a step back."
  • Teehee
    "See ya 2morrow!!!!!!!!XD"
  • Pokemon soap opera
    "(Sure!Why not!X3) "Snipy(Sorry if i spelled it wrong.DX)."The pokémon said."S-Snipy?"Natsumi repeted."
  • Teehee
    "Aw....*Huggles*Byes Matsu!!!!!"
  • "Well i'm sorry 4 being awesome."
  • Pokemon soap opera
    "Natsumi followed.Cuteie pie came with a pokéball.Natsumi opened it up."Ek!"Natsumi shreeked out the pokémon."
  • Teehee
    "♪Seven apples on da witch's tree!With seven seeds to plant inside of me!In spring time I grew a magic song!"
  • Teehee
    "Hee hee... ♪BOB THE BULIDER!!!!CAN WE FIX IT?!BOB THE BULIDER!!!!!!YES WE CAN!!!!!!!...♪"
  • Pokemon soap opera
    ""Cool."Natsumi watched.She threw up a pokéball.Out came a Growlithe."Cuteie pie.Seach.She commaned.Cuteie pie dash off."
  • If u look at this thread
    "Ur hand will turn into acilod"
  • Teehee
    "Lmao.y were u looking that up?!"

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