How well do u know the ONE the ONLY SHAEY1304?!

Sallo.I have many Many MANY friends in the world.BUT!Most of my friends don't know me very well.-_-How do u think that makes me feel?!It makes me feel like crap.So i have made tthis quiz 4 peoplez.

Hiya!Do u know me.If u do say pie.If u don't say 5.Lol that rymed....Anyways.....It's good to see U R!!!!!!!!!HIYA!!!!!!!!!!!I like that word.

Created by: Shadey1304

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hello.....'Sup.Wat is my username?
  2. Good.Now wat is my nickname?(I have many nicknames.But only 2 down↓there r real)
  3. Who's my fav DBZkai(Dragon ball z kai)Charrie?
  4. Who's my fav Naurto charrie?
  5. Do i ask random things from time-2-time?
  6. Do i like pie?
  7. Um.How do ya know i like pie?Oh and wat favor?
  8. Do i like soap opreas?(Not the ones on tv.Those suck)
  9. Do i cuss?
  10. FINAL QUESTIAN!!!!!!!!*Clears throat 4 epic questian*BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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