Are you REALLY in love with him?

Hi there, this is my quiz, I worked pretty hard on it, it is my first quiz on, but, I think I did ok, thanks for taking my quiz, and I hope it helped!

No matter what you get, love is incredible, it makes us feel warm inside, and makes us feel special, never stop loving, and always remember, there's a guy out there for you (and if you turn out to be me)

Created by: Claire

  1. Hi there! Welcome to my quiz, first question: how do you feel around him?
  2. How do you fantasize about him?
  3. What's your favorite things about him?
  4. Do your friends ever tease you when you're around him?
  5. (No effect) just for the hell of it, plus I'm running out of question ideas, um, should I make another quiz? Maybe? Or was this one complete and utter s--t
  6. Do you ever catch yourself staring at him without thinking?
  7. Ever doodled his initials, or put your name, next to his last name?
  8. Do you think you love him, for real?
  9. What would you do if he didn't like you back (or broke up with you for those of is who aren't #foreveralone)
  10. Last question: are you ready, and excited for the results?!

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY in love with him?