Which guy will you love?part 5

Who will you choose to fall for? Will the jerk Ryan ruin everything? Who knows who you'll end up with? Things can get dangerous when a creep is after you. Will you ever see his face? Haha yes actually eventually:)

Who are you gonna choose? The charming cutie Adrian? The smart sweetie Mark? The sporty stud Chad?or the supriseing hottie Dillan? Who knows but I wish you a bunch of luck and fun taking my quizzes!:)

Created by: TatiJudith3
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  1. Yours and Adrian's heads whip back and see Ryan who just kicked a squirrel is about to lunge at you! All the guys come to rescue you! You still can't see his face though. Adrian smacks him with a pale of sand, Mark whose throwing pointy shells at him while Chad and Dillan beat Ryan with their boogie boards.
  2. Ryan gets away on a speed boat:( After that you guys relax and watch the sunset. What makes your night?
  3. Mark holds your hand on the way back and as your about to go in your room he kisses you good night and says"Sweet dreams" then leaves
  4. You go down for breakfast, but oddly the guys must've finish before you came down and you have some fruit and decide to wander about the house(you've seem to have made this a habit). You hear someone playing the piano and recognize the songs...lol...Bella's lullaby.
  5. You follow the sound of music and find it's Dillan playing on a grand piano! As you stand in the door way listening to his fingers dance along the keys he says without turning around"Do you like it?". You reply with a yes and sit next to him on the piano bench.
  6. He teaches you how to play the song and traces your fingers and kisses each one sending shivers up your arms. He leans in and kisses you softly and you wrap your arms around his neck kissing him back. Chad soon walks in saying" Hey Beethoven I gotta talk to ____".
  7. You give Dillan a parting kiss and Chad grabs your hand. He pulls you into the hallways and says with a smile "I have a task for you". He hands you your bathing suit and says to find his message at the bottom of the pool.
  8. Overflowing with curiosity you put on your suit grab a towel and sprint over outback to the pool. As you peer into the pool you see some wavering blur of an image at the bottom but can't quite make it out. You dive in swimming with your eyes open aiming for the blur working against the increasing pressure as you swim to the bottom and snatch it
  9. Up to the surface you swim and swim over to shallower water squid style on top of the water . You look at your new find and it's a conch shell with a little message in a bottle tied onto it! You climb up to the edge and pull of the cork and slide the little rolled up message out. "You are a hidden treasure in a sea of beauty, meet me downstairs tomorrow at 1 xoxo Chad" it said.
  10. You smile and wrap the shell and bottle in your towel and leave it on the patio. Then you hear *thwack**wack**OW!**laughter* and trot over to see what's up
  11. As you walk along a path to another part of the yard and see Adrian and Mark in a swordfight! Well not exactly swords just long wooden sticks lol. Mark is obviously losing but they both seem to be having fun so you decide to watch
  12. You watch for a while and see that Adrians really good and Mark falls back and Adrian points his "sword" at him then helps him up. Before he gives Mark back his fallen sword you run over and grab it. You playfully challenge Adrian and say"What are you scared?" tauntingly.
  13. You two launch into playfully combat where you end up in that cliche battle position when your "swords" are crossed at eachother face to face. Adrian swiftly pulls his"sword" away and grabs you in a deep kiss that takes you by suprise and you drop your "sword". You kiss back with slowly increasing passion as he holds you close in his strong arms.
  14. Then suddenly you hear Mark cry out in pain and see he was knocked out by a rock! You rush over to check his pulse which is thankfully fine. Adrian takes the rock and opens the f'ed up Ryan note."I like strong women, too bad nor yourself or your friends will be able to save you, Ryan" it said. "We must get him in the house" said the urgent Adrian whose all ready holding Mark and you two bring him to his room.
  15. Adrian leaves you with the unconcious Mark whose in bed. You decide to take this as an oppurtunity to check out his room. There's a bunch of papers on his desk but other than that it's pretty tidy.
  16. You find his poem for you and read it over and over.He wakes up and drowsly asks what happened and you explain everything. You go over and lay next to him and cuddle to his side."None of us like sharing you ya know, but we all want you to stay safe and happy" Mark said pulling you close
  17. You drift to sleep by his side until you remember you forgot to get the conch shell and bottle on the patio! Mark is asleep to you slip away after kissing him on the cheek and grab a rain coat since is pouring outside(btw you hav normal/sleep clothes on). As you walk out there you see the bundled up towel has rolled across the lawn so you run out to retrieve it.
  18. From behind a tree you see a dark figure running at you! You scream at the top of your lungs and you try to run away with the bundle but he spins you around and right when he was going to show his face it gets pelted with paint!!!
  19. He throws you down and runs away when you look you see a extremely worried Chad running to get you. He picks you up as your clutching frantically the bundled up towel to your chest. When you get inside Chad wraps you in your blankets and says"Rest now babe, we'll all talk about it in the morning" and kisses you gentley. As your drifting off to sleep who are you loving now?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 5