~ Love Story ~ *Part 4*

This is part four in the series. Sorry if it's going a little slow. I'm kinda low on ideas. Again, if you have any, comment with them. I'd love to use some user ideas.

There are five guys, and you. I mean, what girl doesn't love being alone with five guys? Especially if they're all hot. ;) Your results could be different than last time, dependent on the questions I ask from time to time.

Created by: musicgirl
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. True or False.
  2. You're a rational person.
  3. You are more of a talker than a listener.
  4. You prefer love over lust.
  5. You have a tendency to fall for guys on the taller side.
  6. You wake up. You had no idea you'd even fallen asleep. But you had. It was dark outside, but you were no longer tired. What do you do when you wake up?
  7. ____ walks over to you, and sits next to you. "You're awake." he says sweetly. He looks at for you a second, then kisses you. You're reaction?
  8. ______ backs off after a couple seconds, and looks at you. His facial expression is apologetic. "I'm so sorry." He says. You say...
  9. _____ gets up and walks away. You lay down, trying to process what happened. What do you wish would happen next?
  10. What do you do after all this has happened?

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