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  • Best Quality Quiz
    [published: Jul 24, 2012]

    Of course, everyone has several redeeming qualities about them. Whether they're smart, funny, sweet, cute,…

  • What Band Should You Listen To?
    [published: Jul 24, 2012]

    There are so many different kinds of music. And everyone has a different preference! That's what…

  • What Element Are You?
    [published: Aug 3, 2011]

    I know, I know. There are tons of this same exact quiz on this website. I worked really hard on this one…

  • Are You Beautiful Where It Matters?
    [published: Aug 2, 2011]

    This quiz is meant to tell you where your beauty lies. Everyone is beautiful- be that inside,…

  • Miscellaneous Knowlegde
    [published: Jul 12, 2011]

    This quiz is to test your knowledge of the most RANDOM things. This quiz was inspired by Kish, who said…

  • The Eminem Quiz
    [published: Jun 28, 2011]

    Do you like Eminem? Do you know anything about him? Or rather, do you THINK you do? With this quiz, you can…

  • Michael Jackson Quiz
    [published: Jun 25, 2011]

    There are many Michael Jackson fans out there. Many more dedicated than me. But I decided, since it's the…

    [published: May 13, 2011]

    The are lots of things that can impact a persons mood. Be it music, ones friends or family, or even the weather…

    [published: Apr 26, 2011]

    This quiz features some artist that you may or may not know. And also facts about said artists. I'm hoping this…

  • How In Love Are You?
    [published: Mar 23, 2011]

    Okay, there are lots of quizzes like this, but I felt like making my own. This was inspired by nothing.…

  • How Loving Are You?
    [published: Mar 23, 2011]

    There are many loving, sweet, caring people out there. And people show their love in all sorts of different…

  • Pick An Opposite Quiz!
    [published: Mar 20, 2011]

    So this quiz isn't much other than me sitting around on gotoquiz, and seeing a quiz (that inspired this…

  • What Kind Of Friend Are You?
    [published: Mar 16, 2011]

    There are so many kinds of friends. Which kind are you? Are you funny, quiet....? There are…

  • What Guy In My Class Would You Belong With?
    [published: Mar 9, 2011]

    There are so many different types of guys. This quiz just calculates which of a small…

  • ~ Love Story ~ *Part 4*
    [published: Jan 18, 2011]

    This is part four in the series. Sorry if it's going a little slow. I'm kinda low on ideas. Again, if you…

  • ~ Love Story ~ *Part 3*
    [published: Jan 17, 2011]

    This is part three in the series. Honestly, the quiz was named after the Taylor Swift song, so if you…

  • ~ Love Story ~ *Part 2*
    [published: Jan 15, 2011]

    This is the second quiz. This quiz is best if you're interested in fiction and fairy tales and whatnot.…

  • ~ Love Story ~ *Part 1*
    [published: Jan 13, 2011]

    Alright, I'm the creator of the Dream Story quiz series. I was looking through all the comments and…

  • Sweet Story (For Girls)
    [published: Nov 5, 2010]

    This is another one of those story quizzes. I'll try to make it as different as possible. The first quiz…

  • What Character From "The Office" Are You?
    [published: Oct 26, 2010]

    Hey all you people! This is musicgirl, making a quiz about The Office. I started…

  • Another "What Should You Be For Halloween" Quiz!
    [published: Oct 21, 2010]

    This is a quiz to find out what you should be for Halloween. This paragraph has…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 7) Alternate ending
    [published: Jan 18, 2009]

    This is the real next part of this series. I hope everyone enjoys it.…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 7)
    [published: Jan 17, 2009]

    This is the end. It's not the best I could have done. But I felt rushed. I believe…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 6)
    [published: Nov 30, 2008]

    This is the longest quiz of this series!!!!!!! I hope you have fun with this…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 5)
    [published: Nov 30, 2008]

    This is part five!!! I hope you've had fun with my recent quizzes! I've had a lot of…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 4)
    [published: Nov 30, 2008]

    Well this is part 4. If you've done part 1, 2, and 3, you'll know what's going on. But…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 3)
    [published: Nov 29, 2008]

    Here is part three! Who do you think you will get? Kweller? Maybe Martin? It could…

  • Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 2)
    [published: Nov 29, 2008]

    This is part 2! I hope you liked part one. But there is a lot more happening in part…

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  • "Maybe Justin Bieber or Harry Styles. XP They're closest to my age!!"
  • Favorite bands?
    "Likes: Michael Jackson Justin Bieber Maroon 5 The White Stripes Bullet For My Valentine Taylor Swi"
  • No Subject
    "Oops, I don't know how I did this..."
  • Jewels616
    "Ah! So, I was looking through comments on my past quizzes, and in 2008 (I know, I'm a total slacker -_-') Jewels616 asked to talk to me beca..."
  • No Subject
  • I need some songs
    "I have some. Haha, you probably won't like some of 'em so much, but oh well... Comedy: Bo Burnham, Lonely Islands Rock"
  • what is your fave band?
    "I love Michael Jackson. So probably him. But I also love: -The White Stripes -Ben Kweller -The Black Ey"
  • "I'd let this die, but I feel very strongly about this, so I can't... Leah, you can ABSOLUTELY have an argument FOR abortion. "
  • "I'm sorry, Bob. But good for you. The world needs strong-minded, good people like you in the world."
  • "I think that if you mean, not date until you find the perfect person- you should not wait. People are different in a relationship than they ..."
  • "I disagree with the marriage thing. It puts you with someone you think you're willing to be with forever. And I like that idea of security. ..."
  • baby got back
    "Deep in the jeans she's wearing, I'm hooked 'nd I can't stop staring Oh baby, I wanna get wit' cha, and take your picture"
  • Moves Like Jagger
    "Haha. Raven, I really like your profile pic. =D"
  • baby got back
    "Lol! Me too. Me, my boyfriend, and our friend broke out singing that song at a campout in front of our friends. We were the only ones who kn..."
  • i hate u all
    "I too would love to hear this."

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