Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 2)

This is part 2! I hope you liked part one. But there is a lot more happening in part 2!! Plus, You have to find out if you the last part was really accurate!

Are you ready to see who you will get?! This is the fantasy series that will put you through situations that will never happen, but are so much fun to be in anyway!

Created by: musicgirl
  1. They tell you that there's something in you, something that needs to be removed, before it's to late...
  2. "What do you mean?" You say. "Well..." says Drake. There are certain people in this world, with powers. And we needed to get to you before...them..."
  3. "Shut up Drake! You don't want to worry her!" Says Martin. "I'm Sorry about all this. But yes, you have a power. And we're gonna need to teach you how to control it."
  4. Kweller steps in and offers to show you around. The house is huge and he looks very anxious to spend time with you!
  5. Kweller offers his hand to you, and being so scared, you grab it. He takes you upstairs, and you tell him you're tired. He sets you on a bench, and sits next to you.
  6. He leans in towards you and... Sandy comes up. He sits on the other side of you and kisses you like crazy. Beside you, you can see Kweller starting to cry.
  7. Kweller and Sandy take you back downstairs, and put walk you into a room with a table in it. Martin and Drake are standing next to the table... Waiting...
  8. They tell you that you must lay down on the table. And not to worry, that the opperation is on your arm. They both smile. You...
  9. You lay on the table. You're are scared, but at least if you die, it's with three cute guys around you! As you lay down, they give you a pill. You swallow it...and slowly...drift....to sleep...
  10. You wake up and You hear them talking about you in the room next to yours. You look beside you and see a small jar, with a little robot struggling in some red juices.
  11. OK! That's all for this one! please come back for part three!!

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