A mysterious love story part 2

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Hy everyone, second time making a quiz, and I'm getting used to it, well hope you really liked the quiz so far, keep on reading, I'll make it way better

Get ready, Hermosa the witch is coming for you, but don't worry you have some 'cute' guys to protect you from her, plus you just learned your powers in this part

Created by: VAMPxKITTY
  1. So Tina got knocked out at the girl's washroom, Tina (you), are lying on a pure white bed and the walls are light blue, you were conscious now but no one was there.
  2. You stretched out your limbs and walked around the room in awe, the room was outstanding, it was HUGE I'm telling ya, but the question is: where is here?...
  3. Suddenly, the door knob turns around, you start to panic then jump into the bed as fast as you can, then the door opened and Josh was peeking through to see if you were still unconscious, he came in, grabbed a chair and sat down beside the bed. ''Tina, are you awake'' you twitched and he noticed, ''where in the world am I Josh?!'' ''You're in my house, well few other guy's house actually'' then suddenly Seth and Chris appeared along with another guy that looked your age.
  4. ''Tina, this is Shawn, were all here cuz your one of us, but your special'' Josh said, Shawn had black emo-ish hair, snakebite piercing and emerald eyes ''what do you mean one of you??..and what do you mean by I'm a special one...what's going on'' ''Tina...'' Josh began, ''were not human an you are not either...not even close..'' You raised an eyebrow and laughed, ''yea right, you guys are just tricking me'' you started to laugh again, but the guys especially Josh, looked serious...
  5. ''You guys aren't joking...are you'' you looked down embarassed, ''no were not slightly kidding around with you Tina, I'm a fallen angel' Josh explained, he looked at Seth, '' I'm a guardian angel' he grinned and leaned on the wall, next Chris said his '' I'm a demon'' and finally Shawn said ''and Tina, I'm a vampire'
  6. You were shocked more than ever but you didn't believe them ''show me'' you said angrily. ''Alright I'll go first'' Seth said, he suddenly had pure white feathery wings rip out of his back, through his shirt, you were so shocked you could hardily breathe but you gained control of it. ''Ill go next'' says Josh then he had black wings, darker than night sprout out of his back, his eyes were shining white ''oh and whenever I feel angry I have my eyes change to white'' he added.
  7. You were almost going to faint but you just had an urge to see Chris and Shawn's form. ''Ill go'' says Chris, then there was two HUGE red wings growing out of his back they seemed like they were heavy but Chris didn't show any emotion, then he started glowing red, few moments later he returned to his human form. ''My turn'' says Shawn as he smiled, turns out he has dimples just like Seth, he then had fangs growing, they were about 3 inches long, then his eyes turned pitch black, blacker than coal.
  8. Shawn returned to normal before you could say anything. ''So what am I?'' You asked curious as heck'' Josh smiled, ''well Tina, you're a combination of vampire and fallen angel, this is a rare supernatural being because there not many immortals that have combinations like this one because vampire and fallen angels are super tough but guardian angels are the most toughest creature in the world, next is fallen angels,vampires,werewolves,shades, and nymphs'' ''But isn't there a guardian angel and like fallen angel combination or anything stronger than me'' the boys all shook their heads, ''a guardian angel is a guardian angel, the most innocent and strong creature of us all and thus there is no way a guardian angel can have a combination''
  9. ''Oh my gosh, this is a lot of information..' ''Yes it is'' Josh said, ''look, Tina, we all love you, I know you think it's crazy that you only known us for like one day, but fallen angels combined with vampires...no one can resist...''
  10. ''So let me get this straight....angels are very pretty I know and vampires are too?'' Because duh..they drank blood, not that attractive. All of them nodded. ''Why am I here then'' ''Tina, your in danger' Chris finally spoke up for once. ''Yes, her name is Hermosa, a witch pure dark magic, she wants your power'' they all said at the same time.

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