Love at first sight (love story) part 1

Hey the peepz of the wonderful site gotoquiz. I wrote this story because I actually wanted Aria to put it in her great author's quizes. So I hope you enjoy it a lot and tell me if you want part 2 in the comments.

Your name is Christina Van der Leque and you're a true female Yankee. There are only two guys in this part but I will add more. I hope ya'll enjoy it a lot and please comment and rate and if you do I'll put the first two commenters in the quiz and the next 1 will get a shout out. Love ya'll, bye.

Created by: XxVaviviciousxX

  1. Yes, I know every story begins with an alarm buzzing and waking the character up for school but this on doesn't. It begins with me sitting in a tree and secretly spying on my best friend's boyfriend while he read a book in his back yard beneath a weeping willow...
  2. I watched as the wind whispered through his spiked, deep red hair as his eyes were screwed up intensly on the book by Anthony Horowitz. I was starving to death, I was suposed to be long gone until Jeremy came with a book and plonked himself on the bench beneath a willow and read, so my spy time was elongated, thanks to my insecure best friend, Layla Von Wjik.
  3. Layla wanted me to spy on Jeremy Strauss in order to know whether he was cheating on her or not, not that she was innocent either, she'd also cheated a bit during their long-term relations--- (Yes, relations---) which was currently running for two years now. I mean if I had Jeremy for myself, mhmm, I would do so much better. His smoothe pale skin seemed to glisten in the sun, his intense grey-green eyes seemed to look through you and not at you, his body was to die for and he was just flawless.
  4. My stomach threatened to growl loudly in hunger, I was totally famished. Then I heard a snap, like the snap of a twigg then the branch I was sitting on was falling and taking me with. I hit the ground with my arm and my head hit a branch, but not hard enough to make me lose consiousness.
  5. "Whoa!" Jeremy cried in shock, jumping onto the bench. I sat up groggily, allowing my view to swim into focus. Jeremy stood, hovering above with a confused expression on his face. "Christina?" He said. Okay, I don't think it was the bump on my head but it was more of shock and hunger, but whatever it was, I fainted.
  6. The first thing I saw when I woke up were turbulent grey eyes. They belonged to a guy who was round about my age. He had honey blonde hair and a small scar at he corner of his full lips. I sat up but a peircing pain shot up my arm making my eyes water so I lied back down as quickly as I sat up. "Hey, hey, take it easy, your arm isn't stable yet." The handsome stranger said with a slight smile.
  7. "Yes, doctor." I said looking at his white lab coat. He laughed, "No, I'm not a doctor, not yet at least, still in school," he explained, "In two years time I plan to go to medical school, my mom's a brain surgeon so she brings me along with her to work sometimes." I nodded. "So you play a nurse's role in a doctor's outfits?" I asked. "That's it!" He said and we endulged in a hearty laugh. "But the main one is to look after cute girls like you." he added.
  8. "Does he have a name?" I asked. "It's Keiran Lutchman." he replied, smiling. "Oh, I'm..." "Christina Van Der Leque." he finished for me. Then as I was about to open my mouth to speak, someone grabbed me by the waist.
  10. Part 2?

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