Torn (A Love Story) Part#2

This is a love story by me, Emily.I hope you like it. This is the first of many. It talks about love drama, a normal teenage girls love life. Well, if you could call Anna normal.

I really hope you guys live this, it's going to be epic! The ultimate decision, which boy do you like? Nice and sweet, or bad boy. Maybe both? Enjoy!

Created by: EmGirl
  1. After receiving my schedule, I went to my locker. Number 42, my schedule said, and the combination was 167289. I read the number on the lockers as I walked by them, 40, 41, there it was, 42. I opened the locker and put my backpack in. Suddenly, I saw a hot guy coming. I knew that if I was to make any impression on any one in this school, I'd have to lose the glasses. I took them off. The room became slightly blurred, but I could still see fine. I closed the locker and looked at the boy.
  2. He had moved to the locker right by me, number 43. He opened it and took a book out. His hair was straight red and went down to just over his shoulders, he wore a red shirt with a skull on it, a black leather jacket, and black jeans. He glanced at me. "What do you want, new girl?" he asked. Man, he was rude. "Wow, are you always this nice?" I asked sarcastically. The boy took a closer look at me. He smiled slightly saying, "Always, especially to new girls. You have your schedule?" "Nathanial covered that," I replied.
  3. The boy scowled. "What, you have a problem with him?" I asked. "He's a stuck-up goody-two-shoe," the boy replied. "Yeah, totally," I replied. Why had I said that? I thought Nathanial was pretty nice. Perhaps it was this boy's stare, and I wanted to slightly lessen the anger there. "Really?" he asked curios again. "Yeah, annoying," I replied. Why did I agree with him again? Obviously, this boy was a bad person. This was a boy who held a grudge on the nice boy. But why did I agree? WHY??? The boy glanced away, and left, without another word.
  4. That's when she came up. Blonde curls, blue eyes, perfect face, perfect clothes, perfect everything. "What were you doing?" she demanded. "I was talking with that boy..." I began, when she interrupted me saying, "His name is Jonah." "Oh, is he your boyfriend?" I asked. "No," the girl replied, "No one can ever really get that far with him. But soon I will. So stay away." The girl marched off, leaving me stunned. Well, this was a dramatic start to the day.
  5. At the end of my first period, I'd gotten myself lost. Nathanial suddenly walked up to me. "Hello again Anna," he said. "Hi," I replied. "What happened to your glasses?" he asked. Right, I had taken them off and hadn't put them back on yet. "Didn't need them," I replied, "Hey, do you know where science class is? I've looked all over and can't find it..." Nathanial smiled and answered, "Yeah, and if we hurry, we won't be late. Class starts in a minute." "A minute?!" I almost screamed, when he grabbed my hand and bolted down the hallway. I had no choice but to follow, and as suddenly as he had started, he stopped. I dug my heals into the floor to stop myself from colliding into him.
  6. He causally brushed his shirt and opened the door, letting me go in first. I thanked him, and took one of the three empty desks. Nathanial sat in the desk closest to the teacher. Maybe he was supposed to? The teacher took attendance, introduced me to the class. "Jonah?" she asked, there came no reply. Across the room, Nathanial sighed. I guessed Jonah was an absent guy, but I had seen him this morning. I stroked my hair, a habit when I was thinking, and noticed my ribbon was gone! That ribbon was the last thing my mom had given me before she had died. I must have lost it when Nathanial and I had made that mad dash... The door flew open, and Jonah walked in. "Late again, Mr. Kilo," the teacher said sternly, "Take a seat please."
  7. Panicking, I noticed the only open seat was by me. I wasn't so sure about this... Jonah sat down and leaned back in his chair. He didn't even glance at me. The teacher turned her back to the class and began writing something on the white board. "Hey, Anna," someone whispered. I noticed it was Jonah. "What?" I whispered back. He took out my green ribbon and handed it to me, saying, "You dropped something," and then turned back around. I wanted to thank him, but the teacher had turned back around. I'd have to thank him later, at the end of class, most likely.
  8. But I didn't get to thank him till the end of the day. Jonah had a habit, of, well, disappearing. I was putting my stuff back into my backpack, and closing my locker, when Jonah stepped up to me. I jumped, he had startled me. "Hey Jonah," I said, "Thanks for returning my ribbon." "No problem," he replied, "Now, I want to show you something." Jonah grabbed my hand and motioned me to be silent. Wow, this was the second time today a boy had grabbed me! Then he led me along the corridor, and stopped by a door that said "˜Staff Only' on it. He produced a key and opened the door, leading me inside. I bet he stole that, because last time I checked, Jonah wasn't part of the staff.
  9. We walked up a set of stairs, and it lead to a roof. The roof of the school. I knew we weren't supposed to be up here. But it took my breath away. I was completely stunned. I stared at the view. "Amazing," I whispered. Jonah just nodded. I could have stood there forever, when Nathanial came up. "What are you doing?" he demanded. It was directed to Jonah, Nathanial's face was red, and he was scowling in disgust. Then he noticed me. His face turned immediately to shock. "Anna?" he asked. I waved feebly. "What are you doing up here, with, with him?" he asked. Jonah butted in and said, "I'm showing her around the school. You have problem with that?" "Yes!" Nathanial replied, "This is off limits to students! And now Anna's missed the bus." "I walk home," I answered slowly. "See," Jonah said, "It doesn't matter." "It does!" Nathanial shouted, "You're not supposed to be here! Man up and be responsible for once." "Oh, I'll man up for you!" Jonah shouted back, and I could tell they were about to fight.
  10. I threw myself between them and shouted, "Stop!" They both looked at me stunned. "Thanks Jonah for showing me this," I said, "But we'll have to cut this short. Nathanial, let's go." I pushed him down the stairs (slowly, of course, so he wouldn't fall), and turned away to go home. Nathanial followed me. "Listen," he said, "It's bad to hang out with Jonah. He'll get you into trouble." "I figured that out myself," I answered, "Anyways, since I met the bad boy, I'm glad I met the good boy to make sure I don't lose it." I smiled. Nathanial smiled too. "Bye, see you tomorrow," I said. "Later," Nathanial replied, and I turned to go home.

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