Torn (A Love Story) Part#1

This is a love story by me, Emily.I hope you like it. This is the first of many. It talks about love drama, a normal teenage girls love life. Well, if you could call Anna normal.

I really hope you guys live this, it's going to be epic! The ultimate decision, which boy do you like? Nice and sweet, or bad boy. Maybe both? Enjoy!

Created by: EmGirl
  1. I remember when I was younger than now, I had dreamed of a perfect match. Love at first sight and all when I was 16. But then, my mom died. My dad and I moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to his job, so I had to move to a new school. And of course, I was finally 16. I would have been excited, if I hadn't been so bummed about my dead mom. I felt like getting into a nice calm relationship; but of course, I didn't. It had to get complicated.
  2. I picked out a nice blue tee and black skirt. I tied my hair up in a dark green ribbon; supposedly, it complemented my hair, which was a dark, chocolaty brown. Staring at myself in the mirror, I tried to think of something good that came of my glasses. They were big black nerdy glasses, and made me look terrible. Maybe if I kept my head down, no one would notice, maybe.
  3. I walked out the door holding my purple backpack and slung it around my right shoulder. It was a short walk to the school, thank goodness. I wasn't prepared for a bus, a loud, smelly, disgusting bus. In fact, to prove my point, the bus to Apple Hill High School passed by me, and it sounded like chaos in there. A boy threw a paper ball at me through an open window; thankfully, the cool spring air blew it into a tree instead on me. I walked on, arriving at the school as the bus was letting kids off. Lowering my head, I walked through the glass doors.
  4. Sadly, I bumped right into a boy. He dropped his books all over the floor. I looked up, and said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, let me help you," and bent down to help him with his books. I picked up a Science book and a clip board with a check list on it.
  5. I finally got to see his face. He was rather cute, with shaggy blonde hair and amber eyes. He wore blue jeans and a white long-sleeved shirt. I handed him his books.
  6. "Thanks, and, hi," he said. "Hi," I replied. "Hey, are you new?" he asked. "Is it that obvious?" I sighed in reply.
  7. "Well, I'm the Student President," the boy replied, "And I'm supposed to know. My name is Nathanial." I nodded and asked, "Do you happen to have my schedule?"
  8. "No," he replied, "It'll be in the office, first door to the right in this hall. You want me to take you there?"
  9. "No, it's OK," I said, "I'll find it. Bye, nice meeting you Nathanial." I headed away when he called after me,
  10. "I didn't get your name!" I turned around and adjusted my glasses. "It's Anna," I called back. Turning away again, I went for my schedule.

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