My HighSchool Love Story Part 1

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Hello my name is kayla hunter im 17years old and live alone except for my 3 dogs. This story is of highschool that is not so normal.

So if you love, love and suspence this story is for you. This story is to replace Vampires&Demons part 1 so there will not be a second quiz.

Created by: xxAmbernathyxx

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  1. 6 months ago......I woke up to the monitor. The beeping was slowly fastening as I realized where I was. I was in a hospital bed with all sorts of wires and machines hooked up to me. I tried to talk. My voice was little more than a whisper. A nurse walked in dropping what ever was in her hand. She checked me out. I looked at her confused, "What happend?" I asked trying to speak louder my throat felt numb. The nurse looked at me with what seemed to be tears. "I'll let the police officer explain." Police? I thought in my head. What for? I didn't wait long until Austin Long's father walked in with tears in his pale blue eyes. "Kayla, What do you remember?" I shook my head. My heart pacend as the 4 words were forever marked in my head. "Your Mother is dead."
  2. 6 months later..................... I woke up with a scream as I placed my hands over my throat. I looked at my clock it read 4:35 am, I sighed. "It was just a dream." I said telling myself. I had nightmares every night since i awoke in the hospital. I decided I wouldn't chance the dream again. I got up and walk into my kitchen and made some coffee. My 3 dogs heard me rumagging through the kithcen. Mika, Caleb and Braddy all ran into the kitchen. I mereily laugh as the tilled their heads begging for food. "Alright you 3 but behave." I said getting the food. Brady and Mika were Labs and Caleb was a great dane. I decided to do some chores so I got my laundry started and decided to do the dishes. As the time slowly clicked by I decided to take my dogs for a walk. I grabbed their leashes, even though the listened without problems and walked them to the doggie park down the road. As we walked the hairs on my neck stood up. Even my dogs acted unusual. I stopped for a moment listening. It was quiet even as early as it was. I waited, the sound of footsteps suddenly appears. My dogs started to growl. I waited, the footstep grew louder until the sound swarmed my ears. Then suddenly they were gone...
  3. I walked straight home. I was freaked. I mereily locked my doors and tried to catch my breath. The clock on my stove showed it was 6:00 I sighed and went to my room to take a shower. The hot water ran over me. Ever since the accident things have been strange. Even before my mind finished that thought it told me to shut up. "Things that go bump in the night don't exsit." My mother used to say. I washed my hair with Strawberry/Kiwi lime shampoo, got out and wore..
  4. I decided to wear (your choice) when my phone rang. It was my best friend Kaia, " Hey Girl You already on your way to school?" "Yeah I am getting into my Impala right now why?" I asked She suddenly went quiet, "I need a ride." I mereily hmm her. "Trying to avoide your brother?" She mereily gulped. "No..sorta...okay yes." I sorta laughed Yeah ill be rigth there." I said grabbing my keys and letting my three dogs out of the house into the shadded back yard that had individual dog houses and plenty of food and water on the porch. "You guys behave." I said sighing at them. I left my empty house and began to drive.
  5. I pulled up to Kaia's house and honked. Her brother Nathan was walking out of their house when he looked at me daggers in his eyes. "Okay?" I said to myself Kaia got into the car. "Wanna?" "Just drive my brother is so cruel!" She threw the music on and sat with tears in her eyes.
  6. when we finally got to school I started to get nervous the school always seemed wierd. Kaia suddenly stopped pouting and did her make up. I instantly knew why. It was the fact that Ty and Austin were walking towards the school. All the girls ran over to start there "hello ty, Hello austin" routine. Kaia was one of those girls. I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my backpack and walked around the crowd of girls. I felt the moment Ty's eyes were on me though. I stopped just long enough to stare right back. But immedatly kept walking.
  7. I went to my locker to put my backpack away when I heard "Kayla?" I sorta jumped because Jeriah my lab partner hardly ever spoke. "Jeriah what's wrong?" I asked My brown eyes piercing his green ones. "Um, I won't be in class today." I was about to ask why when the school jocks came walking toward Jeriah. I sorta steped in front of him. "hey theres the pisqueak." Said the one pointing his finger at Jeriah. Jeriah flinched. My anger bubbled, slightly. "What do you want?" I asked. Jeriah had a hard life already with both of his parents being in the milatary he didn't need bullies to pick on him. "Step away b---- we just here for him." Said the biggest of the 3. I didn't budge. The guy repeated himself, "Are you deaf girlie I said move." I stood there "Make me." He looked so mad he might of lundged if Ty hadn't appeared out of nowhere like always. "I beileve the bell is about to ring we should all get to class." He siad his voice holding command. He might not have been as bulky as the 3 guys in front of him, but he could have easily flattend them. They mereily mumbuled, but the walked away. I let out the breath I had been holding in when Jeriah tried to apoligize. "Don't worry about it Jeriah it's not your fault there jealous of you." I said, If Jeriah had a little confidence in himself he would actually be very handsome. I turned around to thank Ty for stepping in but he had already vanished. I mereily shrugged, I would just have to thank him in one of the 5 classes I had with him.
  8. Jeriah didn't show up for class like he said he woulnd't but it bothered me that I didn't know why. I starred into the sky when my teacher said "Kayla come back to earth." I shook my head "Sorry Mr.Daniels" He was an older gentleman who was very kind to me. But there was always something odd about him. I felt the eyes of Austin Long starring at me. I didn't really talk to him much but he was nice enough. I smiled at himand turned my attention back on Mr. Daniels. The class soon drooned away again and I went back to thinking about Jeriah.
  9. I had been walking to second period when I suddenly bumped into someone really hard. I land on my ass with a ofh. "Kayla I am so sorry Are you okay?" Asked a very firmilar voice. "Im okay Im the one whose sorry I didn't see you there Ty." Ty mereily reached out for my hand. He grabbed me and pulled me so hard I fell into his chest. I lost every train of thought I had, until I felt the evil starres of others. I gulped and bent down quickly with out looking at Ty. Ty's hand reached for the last book I had. I stood up as he handed it to me. "YOu sure your okay Kayla?" He asked. I was sorta shocked he knew my name. We really didn't talk much but I couldn't blame him HE didn't have anyone either. If it hadn't been for Kaia and Jeriah being my friends no one would talk to me. "Um, it's okay I was the one who wasn't looking well, um, by now." I said making a beeline for the only class I didn't have with Ty. I went to open the class room door when I heard Austin's voice. "Hey Kayla." "Oh hi Austin what's up?" I said still kinda out of breathe because of Ty. "Nothing I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I heard what happend with the school jocks." "Oh that yeah I am fine I am just worried about Jeriah. That's all." "is that why you were out of it today?" He asked. "Yeah." The school bell rang and I said bye to Austin. And went to take my seat.
  10. I was still worried about Jeriah. I was zoned out, I forgot to thank ty, I thought to myself. Damn. I didn't mind ty but everytime I got near him my heart would suddenly skip. It was quiet in study hall when suddenly Mr. Calvin came in, "Kayla there is a Mr. Corman, waitting in the front office. I gulped, Mr. Corman was the nly person keeping me out of foster care.
  11. Mr. Corman had black hair and green eyes he was also Jeriahs father "Hi mr. Cormon. Not that its not nice to you but why are you here?" "Kayla i have some bad news and some good new. I stood still. "What is it?" His eyes looked empty. "The agencies found adoptive parents for you." My heart stopped. "Adoptive parents?" The bad news is i can't stop the agencies choice." "But i have been fine on my own since mom died. They can't do this." Tears threaten to fal. "Im sorry kayla. " "What about my dogs?" "Im sorry kayla but their allergic." I got up and walked into Ty. I mumbled my sorries and ran out. Ty starred at the man sitting in the room where i just ran from. Anger rose to Tys throat.
  12. I didn't care that i was late. "Ms. Kayla, please take a seat in the back." I flinched because this is one class i had with ty and austin. Ty's eyes followed me i finally made to the bac. My phone vibrated, i saw who t was. "Your fostor parents will be waiting for you after school. I felt like crying. After my mom died, i was told id be in the fostercare system. But because my mom left me everything i was told not to worry about. I sighed. Ty and Austin were constantly looking back at me. He bell finally rang i went to escape but ty and austin were standing in front of me. "Everything okay?" Asked Ty. I didnt answer. I got up to go but austin grabbed me. "Talk kayla you arent yourself." The teacher jooked up ad finally notice get to class you 3. She said i bolted. The rest of the day i avoided eveyone even Kaia. Finally school ended. It wasn't hard to spot the older couple, i tried to turn around but they already spotted me. "Hi." I said. I was embraced in a hug. "Sorry my dear my wife is just so happy to finally meet you. My name is joe webster and this is eve." Im sorry, im kayla um listen if you want we can talk after my shift i work at the forrest buffet if youd like to come. They nodded in agreement. I began to walk away it was eve voice. "Where do you think your going?" My skin suddenly crawled. We'll give you a ride. "Um no thanks i need go my house and change. They looked upset.
  13. I got my house and refused to leave i phoned my job and explained my manager understood perfectly. I let my dogs in they walked in shaking their coats. Eventually i got a call form Kaia. ""Where are you their is this older couple who keeps asking for you?" I finally told her everything she just said shed take care of it. 20 minutes later I got a call. "Kayla i dont know what you said to them but the websters just called telling me they were no ponger instrested in taking care of you."
  14. I finally laid down feeling likhe a boulder was lifted from my shoulders. It was 12:00 am when my phone rang it was Jeriah. "Jeriah?" "Kayla im scared.". The phone suddenly hung up. I tried to call back. Nothing. Before i realized what i was doing i had already dialed....
  15. I called (your choice) he answer "hello?" I answer "...., it's kayla. Im sorry to bother you. His eyes popped opened. "What's wrong?" "It's Jeriah. I just got a wierd call from him but i." "Don't worry Jeriah is okay." I sat silent. "How do you know?" He answered with a yawn and a mumblely "I know and how did you get my number?" "We did that project together. He suddenly remembered. "Oh ya. Well goodnight." He hung up and called Mr. Corman

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