A Doctor Who Love Story Part 6

Last time you went on a date with the Doctor, but will the calm last? Or are you just in the eye of the storm? Take "A Doctor Who Love Story Part 6" to find out!

Will you get the man (or alien) of your dreams? Or will you get lost to the currents of time? Take "A Doctor Who Love Story Part 6" to find out which character you were meant to be with!

Created by: Bookworm123
  1. You plop down on your bed, thinking about what just happened. You just encouraged the Doctor... But what about Sam? And Alex? And Jack? They are all head over heels for you, so much so that a blind person could see the tension whenever you are all in the same room. You need a break from this, all of it. The Doctor, Jack, Alex, and Sam can wait, tomorrow is going to be your vacation from all these stupid emotions. Perhaps a day to clear your head will help. You grab all the necessities and put them in your backpack. Silently, so as not to wake anyone up, you tiptoe out of the TARDIS and back into the fresh, clean air of 2007. Freedom at last! But where to go...
  2. Across the street from where the TARDIS is parked you see an old house. Intrigued, you walk to the front door and knock. "Hello?" You call. No one answers for several minutes, so you open the door. It creaks so loud, if anyone did live there then they would know someone is in their house by now. The entire room is coated in a thick layer of dust and several parts of the wall seem to be in disrepair. The wallpaper pattern went out of style years ago, and the stairs looked like a health hazard. There were holes in the roof and strange scampering noises from the other room. Since no one was there to nag you, you cautiously walk up the stairs and have a look around. Upstairs is a hall leading to one door. Unlike the rest of the house, the door was shining as if it had only just been painted and looks new. Something in your brain is telling you to avoid it, but you can't help but see what is on the other side of the door. Just before you reach out to touch the knob, something thuds behind you.
  3. Your heart is racing. Slowly you turn to see...
  4. A key. How strange, because as far as you know keys clink, not thud. You pick up the key and realize the door has a lock. So as not to upset yourself further, you decide to mark it as a coincidence. BIG mistake. You take the key and insert it into the lock. After a few different turns, it clicks. On the other side of the door you see sheer blackness. That gut feeling you had earlier gets stronger, but the urge to see what is inside overtakes your fear. You pull out your cell phone to look around and step inside. The split second your feet cross the boundary of the room, the door slams shut and your phone powers off. In the darkness, you can't see anything so you listen for intruders. A sound like grinding stone meets your keen ears and you hear someone shuffling across the floorboards. In fact, several someones. A cold hand grabs your arm. As you struggle, another hand grabs your other arm. In a last effort, you draw breath to scream, but yet another ice cold hand firmly clasps your mouth.
  5. (Doctor's P.O.V.) I wandered around in the TARDIS as everyone else slept. Normally I would take small trips when my companions slept, but the TARDIS couldn't move and it was too dangerous to go outside. In the end I decided to check on ____. As I passed the console on my way to her room, I heard a strange beep. "Odd," I murmured. "That only happens when there's a signal coming in." I paused at the first screen where a video message awaited me. Something made me nervous to push play, but I did anyways. On the screen was a room full of darkness. Suddenly, the light in the room turned on to reveal ____ bound and gagged. And the thing holding claws to her neck? A Weeping Angel. The lights turned back off. Then a message appeared on the front of the screen. "If you ever want to see her alive again, give us the TARDIS."
  6. I gulped. If they got a hold of the time energy inside the TARDIS, the sun would go out and the whole planet would be destroyed. Then an idea popped into my head. I would keep the key! It was a risky chance, but it was the best I could hope for. I woke up everyone and called for a group meeting.
  7. (Alex's P.O.V.) I was shaken awake by a very frantic Doctor. "____'s in danger and we need to save her!" he yelled. Normally, I wouldn't stand for being awakened by an alien at three in the morning, but those were the magic words. I followed the Doctor to the console where everyone was waiting. He cleared his throat and began. "____ has been taken. I don't know how or when or- well, I do know why, but that's beside the point! The Weeping Angels have her. Now a Weeping Angel-" "A Weeping Angel is a quantum-locked alien that turns to stone whenever it is being looked at," Sam interupted. "They feed off of time energy and kill people for their voices. If you look one in the eye, it will enter your mind. Oh, and the image of an angel becomes an angel. Did I miss anything?" Everyone looked at him in shock, including me. I thought he was new to this business! He looked down, clearly embarrassed. "My aunt was the Eleventh Doctor's companion," he said quietly.
  8. "So," the Doctor continued. "We need to hand over the TARDIS and hide the key so we can buy some time." I questioned his idea. "Or we can wait till the last second. Eventually they'll realize she's half Time Lord and they'll just eat her time energy while waiting for the feast," Jack said. Now I really had to protest. "I am NOT letting ____ get eaten!" I shouted. The three others laughed. "Eating her time energy just means sending her to the past and feeding off of all the things she could have done in the present. They'll just let her live to death." I felt myself blushing. Well THAT made me feel stupid. "For the time being, let's try to fix the TARDIS while we wait them out," Sam suggested. We all agreed and went to fetch the toolbox. This was going to take a while, so we might as well be productive.
  9. SNEAK PEEK!!! You feel the stone cold hand of your captor grip you firmly. Then a gust of wind lifts you into the air and you feel the ropes binding you fall off. Just before you crash land, you hear someone yelling. "____!"
  10. Hello everyone! How was THAT? I know the sneak peek was a dead giveaway, but still! Excited yet? I sure am! Also, sorry for getting lazy with the answers. I just wasn't in the mood. As always, "DFTBA!"

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