A Doctor Who Love Story Special ~ The Doctor

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~Doctor, but Doctor What? I think that he's a martian but I know that that's a long shot! Doctor, but Doctor When? Check back to prehistoric times and there he is again!~

~Well that's the Doctor, but Doctor How? He saves the planet all the time but never stops to bow! Oh Mr. Doctor! But Doctor Who? And most importantly Doctor! How do I find you?` Thank you Calypso1315 for helping me with song choice!

Created by: Bookworm123
  1. Okay, so I had a debate on which song to do, so I thought, "Why not have both and let the reader choose? So I did! Here are the links! I Like You, I Love You: http(:)//www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=OJ38_olHZvw I Wish: http(:)//www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bq_PWQTCT2A No parentheses!
  2. I led _____ by the hand to the console. "It's time you learn how to work the TARDIS, since you're gonna get one of your own once this whole mess is cleared up," I said cheerily. It was a perfect time to ask her about how she felt. Maybe that kiss I had heard about was nothing... But it wouldn't hurt to get some reassurance. "Listen, _____. I, erm, what I mean to say is that, uh, well, um, you," I stammered. What was wrong with me? The words formed perfectly in my head, why weren't they coming out? "You, erm... Need to start by making sure the atomic stabilizer is well, stable." What was I saying? "And that would be this button?" she asked, pointing to the accelerator. "No, that would be this," I said, placing her hand on a lever. She nodded. "What would I do after that?" My mind went blank. What happened after that? Right, pressure declomitor! "Next, check that the pressure declomitor is at least on level three. That would be this bar right here."
  3. I then pulled her to the other side of the console. "This particular Type 40 TARDIS is rather finicky, so take this hammer and bang on this spring two times." I continued showing her how to operate the TARDIS until we "landed" it whenever she wanted. Of course, we didn't actually move the TARDIS, since she was broken and stuck in this time period. When we were done, I smiled. "So, want to head over to the kitchen and get some lunch?" I asked. She smiled and stuck her tongue out between her teeth like Rose used to. "Race ya!" she yelled and sprinted off. I chased after her and, at arriving in the kitchen, ran right into her. I got up, laughing, and helped her up. "What do you want?" I asked. "Mmm. Cheeseburgers sound pretty good." I went to the cabinet and pulled out an instant cheeseburger, then put it in the electro-microwave. Five seconds later, a cheeseburger popped out, ready to eat. "What're you having?" she asked. Honestly, I felt like any food would really just make me queasier. "I'll just have some water," I said, grabbing a bottled water.
  4. If any moment was the right time to talk to her, it would have been then, but no matter how much water I chugged my mouth still felt dry. I felt a small droplet of sweat on my brow. Wait, was the air conditioner broken? And how in all of time and space did my hearts manage to beat so fast? If they pounded against my chest any harder, they would have popped right out! Why were my fingers shaking? They never did that before... And how did my face manage to feel so hot? "Um, hey, about that kiss you had with Jack..." I said. Darn, my voice was wavering! _____ avoided my gaze. "He was just trying to cheer me up. And he kissed me first," she muttered. She was blushing furiously. "Listen, I gotta go. See ya around," she said suddenly, then left. My hearts sank to the floor. I must have embarrassed her. Then I remembered what Sam had said when we were in the house. "Listen, Doc, she hasn't left your side since you got here." She must have been concerned about me! Realizing that the kiss was truly to just cheer her up made me feel horrible about confronting her. I HAD to go and make her feel even worse...
  5. About five seconds later, _____ walked back in. "Sorry for running out like that," she said softly. I chuckled. "Sorry? Don't ever be sorry. It's my fault for jumping to conclusions." This seemed to cheer her up. "Doctor, I have something I need to ask you. Will you teach me? You know, the Gallifreyan language, history, culture," she explained. I thought about it. "On one condition. You agree to go to the movies with me." She raised her eyebrows. "Like a date?" I gulped. My moment of courage had passed, and now I was gut-wrenchingly nervous again. "I-if y-y-you w-want," I stuttered. "Sure." Did I imagine it, or did _____ just agree to go on a date with me? "Eight o'clock tonight, m'kay?" She smiled and walked out. I couldn't believe my luck. I just got a date with _____! I had to get ready. What would I wear? Did I need to specify that it was the one in the TARDIS? Would she know where to go? Would there be any opportunities to tell her that I like her? Ugh, I was an adult, but I still had the hormones of a teenage boy.
  6. I looked down. What I was wearing would probably be okay, and I could easily find her and show her there. Of course, it could be a great time to tell her how I felt if I played my cards right. Unfortunately, clearing my thoughts didn't help me get any less nervous. With every tick of the clock, I felt my heart beating harder and fought to keep my hands from twitching. Time, when everything is experienced in order, always felt rather slow for me, but this was unbearable! Small things like waiting for time to pass made me really appreciate the human race that much more.
  7. I stood in front of the theater, waiting. Five minutes past eight, she walked in. I smiled and tugged her into the theater. "How about this?" I said, grabbing "Titanic". She looked at me curiously. "Isn't that one a bit sad?" she asked. "We can watch something else if you want!" I said quickly. This made her laugh. Oh, that laugh was what made this all worth while. "It's fine, I just didn't know you were such a hopeless romantic!" I blushed.
  8. We sat down in the front row and watched the movie. I hadn't seen it before, but afterwards I understood why she called me a hopeless romantic. "That was nice. Maybe we can do it again!" she said happily. Now was my last chance! "Hey, _____!" She turned around. "Yeah?" I gulped. "I... I just wanted to say... I really... Want... Erm, this is hard," I said.
  9. "I really like you!" I said. I braced myself for rejection... "I like you too." Did she just say what I thought she said?! "I'm just really confused right now." And there was the rejection. I forced a smile for her sake. "Well then, I'll see you around," I said. She placed her hand on my shoulder. "That wasn't a no, that was a maybe," she said, winking. That had to be, by far, the best night in my entire life.
  10. Hey guys! I wanted to do a special on someone, so here it is! Good ol' Doc announced his crush, how sweet! Thank you AGAIN Calypso1315 for helping me with the song choice! "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!"

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