Which Doctor Who are you?

Which Doctor Who are you? Ever wanted to find out which of the many Doctor Whos you are most like? Look no further than this fantastic Doctor Who quiz that will tell you in mere minutes!

This quiz will tell you exactly which of the famous TV characters many personas you are most akin to! Are you the grumpy First Doctor, the mad but clever Fourth, or the suave womanising Eighth? Take this quiz and find out! Have fun!

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Your greatest enemies have returned and are planning to destroy the entire universe. What do you do?
Harness their own weapon agains them and wipe them out.
Try vainly to convince others that they are dangerous, then destroy them yourself when nobody believes you.
Travel back in time and stop them from ever being created.
Trick them into destroying each other.
Trick them into destroying each other, then blow up the survivors.
Use an ancient artifact to destroy their planet and their invading fleet.
How would you describe your style?
Old fashioned and smart.
An erratic mix of styles that you aren't afraid to accessorise.
Gentlemanly and stylish, perhaps even with a cape.
I always feel naked without a proper scarf.
Loud and adventurous, unafraid to try interesting colour combinations.
Velvet coat. 'nuff said.
How do you want to die?
Of old age, just fading slowly away.
Facing your fears and conquering them, but with fatal consequences.
Saving the universe from your arch-enemy.
Giving your life to save a dear friend's.
Shot in the line of duty.
Mysteriously. Nobody will ever really know what happened to you, you'll just vanish one day and never be seen again.
What kind of adventure interests you most?
Unpredictable and dangerous.
Solid, enjoyable stuff.
Particularly strange to begin with, then back to firm ground.
Erratic mixture ranging from enjoyable to terrible. After all, if you don't have bad experiences you can't appreciate the good.
Humorous but undeniably sinister.
Mysterious, but important.
Which villain would you least like to face?
An all powerful force that wants to take over the universe, and might just succeed.
Your own people, since you're something of a renegade.
You arch enemy, returned from the dead to take over the world.
A mysterious villain that kills people by poisoning them.
Yourself. You just can't keep control and you'll end up destroying yourself.
Street gangs with guns.
How do you motivate people?
By being grumpy until someone decides to get off their ass and do something.
Play a tune on your instrument to lighten the mood.
By being charming.
By shouting.
By reasoning.
By kissing.
What do others think of you?
Grumpy old man, but nice to those you like.
Total gentleman, if slightly mad.
Mad, funny, and clever.
Nice young man, sporty, who has the girls flocking round him.
Eccentric and mysterious, but kind.
Handsome. Real drool/envy material.
How do you want to be remembered?
As a bit of a clown.
As a dandy.
As a great sportsman
As a ne'er-do-well living the high life.
As an honorable man who died in the line of service.
As a wonderful, handsome, good kisser.
How do you react to a difficult situation?
Lost for words.
Shouting with a mixture of fear and anger.
Try to hold of your enemies with your techno-babble.
Stunned silence, but a wealth of ideas.
Throw things.
Stand up and fight.
What is your TARDIS like?
Nice and use-friendly, except that pesky fast-return switch.
Fine, but I keep on losing it.
I redecorated once, although I can't remember doing it.
Much the same, although now it has a window.
Keeps crashing, so I had to install safety belts.
Lovely and gothic.
What type of people do you like travelling with?
Relatives, Teachers, and the occasional nubile young girl.
Pretty young women.
Doctors, Feminists, Savages. You name it I've traveled with it.
An air hostess and a really annoying boy-genius. Thank God for the cybermen.
Health-and-fitness fanatic, but she got too annoying so I traded her in for a younger model.
Beautiful women, of course. What do you think I am, unattractive?
And finally, what is your greatest achievement?
Inventing the sonic screwdriver. Oh, and defeating the Daleks. Twice.
Convincing a meglomaniac monarch to give the poor a better way of life.
Bowling someone out with a beautiful Yorker.
Maintaining my blond afro. It takes 24/7 attention you know.
Putting up with Mel for so long...
Kissing many, many beautiful women.

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