Which doctor who character are you?

so your a big fan of doctor who and one day you'd love to be in it?! have you ever wondered which character from doctor who your most like? maybe the doctor, who can save the world, or even jackie, an expert at making a cup of tea?!

well now, youve found this very accurate quiz, why not try it?! in just a few minutes you'll either be saying "wow, i didnt know i could save the world!" or "wow, i didnt know i was that good at making a cup of tea!"

Created by: Lisa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a scaredy cat?
  2. are you gobby?
  3. how would you describe the doctor?
  4. where would you love to go in time?
  5. if you told your mum you were time travelling with the doctor what would she say?
  6. in an alien invasion what would you do?
  7. which episode of doctor who do you think is the saddest?
  8. how would you describe your normal life?
  9. what colour hair have you got?
  10. out of these jobs, which would you prefer?

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Quiz topic: Which doctor who character am I?