Which scrubs character are you?

Scrubs is a show on nbc and is about doctors in the hospital sacred heart. They have different qualities, skills and personalities. there are five different doctors here.

Are you a good doctor? Are you funny? Are yo sarcastic? Do you think you have what it takes to be da'man? the talker? Elliot? The woman? are you a cool, sarcastic, hot, and dreamy doctor? You better be!!!

Created by: cheryl

  1. A word that describes you most is
  2. your favorite animal is
  3. Your favorite game is...
  4. the thing you call people/person most is
  5. yur favorite color is
  6. for an award u are most likely to win for
  7. what makes you different from the janitor?
  8. you need money you
  9. you want a car you buy
  10. for your hair you like it

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Quiz topic: Which scrubs character am I?