which scrubs character r u

This quiz is for everyone who loves scrubs out there. thats why i made it for all of you who like the show as much as i do!! have fun and see which character resembles you the most.so all you scrubs lovers out there, come see who you are!have fun...

Take this quiz and see if you're most like J.D the day dreamer, Dr. Cox the cocky doctor, carla the nurse with attitude etc. who do u think you'll be? might as well take a guess and then take the quiz so u can find out. I have to say sry, i had a blank and forgot to put Turk in...how sad:(

Created by: anne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your favorite colour?
  2. which word would best describe you
  3. in your spare time youd rather...
  4. youre favorite type of movie would be...
  5. whats your hair colour?
  6. how do u stand when youre talking to someone
  7. your fav animal?
  8. what annoys u...
  9. you're greatest characteristic?
  10. the glass is always...

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