Are you a real Scrubs fan?

Are you a true Scrubs fan? Take this quiz and prove to yourself and friends you know Scrubs. This quiz is not for the weak or cowardly. You must know Scrubs inside out to pass this quiz.

Scrubs fans unite and take the final test to prove yourself. This quiz is not easy and very few will pass it. Those who do, be proud. You have earned the title of a true Scrubs fan. Have fun!

Created by: Darren

  1. Which Sacred Heart board member does JD sleep with?
  2. Who does Nurse Roberts mockingly nickname 'Cue tip'?
  3. Which new Attending Surgeon does Turk rush to meet in Season 3?
  4. Which fun phrase does JD like saying?
  5. Why does Dr.Cox get his hair cut by Big Frank for 17 years?
  6. What mural does JD and Turk paint for Carla's new baby?
  7. Why did JD become a doctor?
  8. Why did Turk dress in his pajamas when he went to meet Carla to discuss their relationship?
  9. When women want men to zone out what's the one thing they can talk about?
  10. Employee discount!

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Scrubs fan?