how well do you know scrubs?

many people i dont know like scrubs. The fact that i dont doesn't change anything. My sisters do and i am in a scrubs loving family that will watch it for the rest of their lives. You need a mind that has watched this show every week to get top marks. Good luck!

Do you know scrubs? Do you know all about this show with medical stuff, wimpy doctors, blondies, comedy and love? because I dont! But you will find out VERY soon!

Created by: cheryl

  1. What is Turks real name?
  2. What is Turk's wife's name?
  3. What is her last name?
  4. where is she from?
  5. What is JD's full name?
  6. what does Dr. Cox call Elliot Reed?
  7. What are doctor Cox's kids names?
  8. What is Dr. Cox's ex wife named?
  9. What is Carla's baby named?
  10. Who is Elliot engaged to?
  11. Who does Dr Cox hate most?
  12. Dr kelso is...
  13. On the first episode of the first season what does dr Cox want JD to call him?
  14. Elliiot's hair is...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know scrubs?