So you think u Know Scrubs?

This is a quick quiz about a quick witted Television show you might have heard of that goes by the name of Scrubs. One of my favorite shows as well it may be one of yours if you are reading this.

Your in the right place if you think you know everything so lets see if u can pit your wits against this rock hard quiz on one of TVs funniest shows - Scrubs.

Created by: Leon Jay

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  1. In which Hospital is the show set?
  2. In which real closed Hospital does filming for the show take place?
  3. What is Dr Cox's First name?
  4. What is the name of JDs brother who visits him from time to time?
  5. In Which City is Carla originally from?
  6. JDs best friends name is____Turk.
  7. Dr. Cox's Favorite nickname for Elliot is?
  8. What is the Chief of Medicines name?
  9. What is the original name of JDs Dog?
  10. What is the name of the replacement dog that the Janitor got for Carla?
  11. Elliot grew up with an?
  12. Whats the name of Dr. Cox and Jordans first born child?
  13. Which of these Ex-Friends cast members has guest starred on the show?
  14. In which Season of the Show are Carla and Turk Married?
  15. Which of these Languages does Elliot not speak?
  16. Of Which of these Characters has JD not had sex with?
  17. What was the name of the Band that the Janitor made up to impress Elliot?
  18. Which of the following actors have not appeared on the show?
  19. Who played JDs girlfriend Julie?
  20. What is the Name of the Surgeon with a DOC tatoo on his arm?
  21. Whilst watching a movie JD spots the Janitor in it then confronts him, which movie was it?
  22. Dr Kelsos wifes name is?
  23. Which of these has never been a Dr on the show?
  24. What is the Name of the Hospital Lawyer?
  25. Who is the Very Tall Dr?

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