Which scrubs secondary character are you?

Can you be a doctor? Have you tooken the other crappy quizzes by me? Can you make a better quiz?i know that one. Are you nervous, sad, sassy, or stupid? or helpful, happy, kind or UNBELIEVABLY stupid? learn!

Are you a doctor or nurse or surgeon or lawyer or a person who treats dead guys? I doubt that you are but if you are than this is not the right quiz for you!

Created by: cheryl
  1. When someone asks you what your favorite thing is like I will ask you in the next question do you...
  2. What is your favorite thing?
  3. yes or no?
  4. optimist or pessimist?
  5. your hair is...
  6. what do you think u do most?
  7. what is your favorite scrubs character?
  8. The rest are stupid questions. So far did u like this quiz?
  9. what is your favorite letter in the alphabet?
  10. Would you email this to a friend to take?

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Quiz topic: Which scrubs secondary character am I?