What secondary color are you?

There are an INFINITE number of colors in the spectrum of visible light. Maybe. A lot, for sure. There are three PRIMARY colors that make up all other colors. In video, those colors are Red, Green and Blue. But in real life, they are RED, YELLOW and BLUE. Now if you evenly mix two PRIMARY colors, you get a SECONDARY color.

The SECONDARY colors are ORANGE, GREEN and PURPLE. These are magic colors. Each person has a hidden SECONDARY color inside of them, instilling the very life essence we take for granted each day! To find out what your SECONDARY color is, take this short quiz...

Created by: Bill

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  1. Which of the following fruits tastes the best?
  2. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
  3. Which state of mind best describes you?
  4. Which value do you hold most important?
  5. Which character do you most identify with from the old TMNT cartoon?
  6. Where would you most likely go to eat?
  7. In what month were you born?
  8. What political party do you most affiliate with?
  9. If you played World of Warcraft, which class would you most likely be?
  10. Which computer program is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: What secondary color am I?