what color are you???

so many people wonder if i were a color wich one would i be???? a color is more like a mood... what mood are you feeling? tomany people this is important and well to others they realy just couldnt care less!

well what color are you?? huh you STILL dont know well know you can!! take my test!! cmon!! do you have the tension span to take my test?? until now you could only wonder what color you were but now you can know!! in a few minutes you can go prancing around sayin your color!!

Created by: brooke
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wich do you enjoy most?
  2. your color of your room??
  3. state your mood most of the time..
  4. have you or do you have a secret crush you realy just want to shout his/her name!!!
  5. are you happy all the time!!!
  6. are you bored vey easily!!
  7. what color do you think best describes you??
  8. do you honestly care bout this test
  9. do you lie.....alot??
  10. do you find your a bit of a talk aholic??

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Quiz topic: What color am I???