Doctor Who Series 3 and 4

Many people boast that they know everything, but when it comes to the final test, they do worse than the kid who gets called Dumbo at school. This is a doctor who quiz, so not all the brainy wil do as well as the not so dumb. Anyone could get 100% if they tried.

Prove to your friends that you are not a chicken and watch doctor who with this quiz! Anyone who watches dr who will get at least 60% garantee! Will you be a faithfull assistant of the doctor, or will sweat pour down your face when you watch the telitubies?

Created by: Jenna Hands
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  1. What was Martha Jones' sister called?
  2. Martha Jones met which book writer?
  3. What was the name of the creatures that the master released onto the earth?
  4. In the series 3 finale, how did the Master die?
  5. In the episode The doctors daughter,the actress who plays her is the real daughter of which past doctor?
  6. Name a planet, bar earth, that was moved during the dalek invasion.
  7. What is Sarah Jane's son called?
  8. What was the name of the red dalek?
  9. What is Captain Jack's surname?
  10. At the end of series 4, donna mentions a friends crush. What is the distinctive feature that he has?

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