Doctor Who - New Novels quiz

NOTE: I do not claim ownership of Doctor Who, which is owned by the BBC, or the Daleks, which are owned by Terry Nation. Doctor Who returned in 2005, and with it came a new series of books.

Do you think you are a Time Lord who knows everything about the New Series Adventures? Or are you just a brainless Ogron who pretends to be a genius? Find out now!

Created by: flicky1991
  1. In which book did Rose first go to another planet?
  2. Who is the enemy in Sick Building?
  3. Who says "Do not speak, or the females will be damaged"?
  4. Which of these books is written by Colin Brake?
  5. What is the name of the font used on the front cover to show the title?
  6. Which of these is not a character in The Resurrection Casket?
  7. Who is Das?
  8. What book does Etta appear in?
  9. Which is the first Jacqueline Rayner book to have no Acknowledgements section?
  10. What is the second book in the series to begin with "S" (not including "The")?

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